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12. Dead Wrong

Sometimes your gut instinct is wrong. Sometimes, instead of going left you should've gone right, like everyone else. But you chose to be different. You chose the possibility of being completely wrong and took that deadly change, then raced away with it. Dangerous, stupid… dead wrong.

I was dead wrong.

Mom didn't care. She was depressed. She was shades of grey, unlike her natural creative, bright and friendly personality. I knew it would, it was rubbing off on me. I was turning grey too. I didn't know if I wanted to change colors.

I was dead wrong. She didn't care about my terrible grade in Math or that I was barely talking to anyone anymore. She only cared about sleeping in Dad's clothing, taking days off of work and "working from home". She didn't care.

I was dead wrong.

I wish I were right. But I kind-of liked being wrong; I felt and looked at it like a challenge. I told myself: I wasn't going to end up like her. I wasn't going to end up almost as dead as Dad now. I was going to live.

That's easier said than done.