You talk shit

But who are you

Do you really think?

You have a clue

You don't know me

You don't know shit

Why do you care?

If I like clit

I love my girl

She is my life

And one day

She will be my wife

So all you girls

Who say it's gross

Go suck your dicks

Cause you don't know

I'm standing up

To all of you

Who discriminate

Against us few

I'm out the closet

And I'm proud

I refuse to stay

In the crowd

Your bible can shove it

Ill burn in hell

Your power of Christ

Will not compel

I love my girl

That's how it is

Keep your dick

Keep your jizz

Keep your Leviticus

Keep your John

And I'll take Kirsten

In her thong

If you don't get it

Stop hating on me

Open your eyes

And try and see

We are not sick

We are not wrong

Were normal people

Trying to get along