Thank god summer

Has come to stay

My burns and cuts

Were starting to fray

I am seventeen

My name I won't say

This is my story

Of how I am gay

My mother died

When I was nine

I was distraught

My father was fine

My father hates women

But loves sex you see

With my mother gone

He had me

I didn't talk back

I was pretty and lean

What he liked the most

Was I didn't scream

My father likes children

His name I won't say

Because this is a story

Of how I am gay

I grew up quick

They say rape does that

But from rape

Emotions I lack

I don't want to say

That the rape became fine

But after a while

It didn't feel like a crime

It was so often

That the pain went away

It became scheduled

Like a part of my day

I did not feel pleasure

How could I from this

But you can see why

I choose girls to kiss

I tried to be normal

Date a few guys

All I saw was my father

When I looked in their eyes

Then I met Jamie

When I turned sixteen

She was older

Just turned eighteen

She had just broken up

With her girlfriend Renee

It was a shock to hear

That Jamie was gay

We became close

Close as can be

When Jamie said

She had a crush on me

I was so happy

I started to cry

My pulse beat so fast

I thought I would die

She became my lover

She stole my heart

Right up until

My life fell apart

My father love Jamie

He thought she was fine

At least he did

Till he found out she's mine

We were watching a movie

You know what that means

Our hands to be modest

Between both our knees

Kissing and touching

Clothes, there were none

What can I say?

We are young

My dad wasn't home

Or at least we thought not

We were so wrong

And of course we got caught

He grabbed me by my arm

Threw me on the floor

Threw Jamie out

I don't need to say more

My dad was so mad

He packed all my bags

Threw me out of my house

Screaming "I don't live with fags"

I have lived on the street

For almost a year

My family won't house me

All from this fear

That I am sick

And of course I'm ill

They don't understand

This wasn't my will

Try not to focus

That my dad raped me, please

Try please to focus

That was all on our knees

All of us who

Claim ourselves gay

Please try and listen

To all that I say

This is my story

There are many more

Like people who are gay bashed

Outside their door

Teens that don't make it

To twenty or older

Because of the stress

Homophobia puts on their shoulder

Grown men who haven't seen

Their parents in years

All because

Of societies fears

So please try and listen

These stories are real

The pain homophobia causes

We all must feel