Alone Yet Together

I see your pain

Though you hide it well

I understand!

You wouldn't believe me if I tried.

Tried to explain

I know your pain

"I'm so much better!"

I hear your claim.

You smile and beam with a feigned but realistic happiness

Yet I see it plain and clear

The pain in your eyes

Is reflected in mine

I don't know much about what's going on with you

I don't need to.

It's not my business.

But you're hurting

That much I know

I wish I could help somehow

I hear other people talking

Putting you down

Gossiping about you

Flicking you off behind your back

It hurts me and I want to protect you

But I want to be protected too

Does that make sense?
It seems like I don't anymore.

Is that how you feel?
Like you're spiraling down into black;

Everyone complicates your life and no one seems to care.

I care. I care!

You hold a spot

Special in my heart

You don't know much about me

Nor I about you

Does it really matter?

Let's hold hands and walk up to the light together.

Would you mind that?

We wouldn't have to talk

Just be there for comfort

Tell the other they aren't crazy

Prove that someone cares

And wants to ease the pain

One time I heard,

The brightest times in life

Are when we help one another

So how about it?

Do you want to help me shine?

Tell the world "Here we are! We're standing strong."

Together we'll be so much brighter

Maybe it can get through

Past our pain-stricken hearts

Into our blackened minds

I'll be there for you

If you want me to.

I'll be a pillow to cry on

A punching bag to vent on

A silent comforter

A silly moment shared

Forever between

Two friends

I won't preach to you

That always makes me angry

I'm sorry if I'm being too forward

But I've been there too

I'm feeling it with you

I want to help because you're my special friend

If you don't want help

That's fine too.

We can stay the way we are now.

I like you as you are.

But never hesitate to call

I'll be there, I won't let you fall.

I have my own problems.

I don't talk about them much

If I'm acting happy

No one notices and I don't mind.

I like being an actress, it's not as hard.

Are we acting in the same movie together?

I know you like to write poems

I guess now you've seen,

So do I.

They're not so great

But they speak to me

Isn't that all that matters?

I don't let people read most of them

I don't like truly opening up

Poems are such a personal thing

I'm glad you've shared some of yours though

I love poems. Sometimes they flow

Out of me through an open door

How are you?

I vary frequently.

Angry, sad, happy, excited

Anxious, depressed, put down or pushed up

Sometimes I just want to throw out the towel

Know what I mean?

I just tell myself

Everyone feels this way eventually

Just like me

I'm not so different from them

And neither are


The sun shines from dawn till dusk

Moon and stars pop out at night!

Something always there to

Light you up

'Specially friends

Along the way!

I'm here for you

Sorry about anything I've

Ever done to hurt you

My very special

Kindred Spirit