—Are you about this? —I asked to my girlfriend, Sophie.

—Don't worry, we'll be fine. —Sophie replied.

—Yes, but I don't know if this is…safe

—Don't be such a wimp! All the cool kids are doing it, and besides, we'll use protection!

—Well, if you say so…it's just that I don't know if I'm ready.

—Come on: it's perfectly normal feeling fear or having some doubts, but remember: you will never regret this moment…

—Alright: for you, I will…

And then, we did it: We jumped from the cliff, and I experienced the incredible sensation that just the bungee jumping can make you feel; but what I loved the most of it, is that I was with someone that will always push my limits, and I couldn't ask for more…


NOTE: It was for a contest (a story of 150 words or less) that...I didn't win but, who cares? Life goes on! Reviewers welcome and to all the great ladies I have met in my life: thank you for make me try new things and for loving me for who I am. Peace