i needed my heart to be fixed,

and i thought it would never happen,

until you came along,

baby, could you tell me now?


why did i let myself be led on?

i thought this time was going to be different,

something worth trying,

but i was wrong,


i am always in the wrong,

and my stitches on my heart are burning,

with every breath that i'm taking,

and my tears are struggling,


i don't think i can take this heartache anymore,

i thought it was something that could never happen again,

how did i get myself here?

i didn't think i could fall once again,


my whole world is crashing,

my whole world is crashing,

i didn't think you could get me like this,

i thought i was stronger,


why didn't you tell me to stop?

why weren't you something i could resist?

everything was perfect,

until you told me we couldn't be together,


together is all i could ever want,

and nothing is keeping me away,

now that i've known you,

i don't want to lose you,


i can feel you slipping through my fingers,

i don't know what to do now,

my heart is breaking,

my brain is screaming,


my emotions are on the line,

and i just want to believe that this is going to work out,

but i know life just isn't that easy for me,

i can never win.