My Daddy is a soldier,

An 'Army Major', he says,

And whenever he visits me and Mummy,

He hardly ever stays.

Mummy often cries without him,

I don't really know why.

I guess it's knowing that we might lose him,

But I daren't ask; I'm too shy.

Daddy brought home a truck one day,

When I was a little girl.

He told Mummy that it was special,

And then he gave it a 'whirl'.

I listened to him today.

He called his truck 'Ironhide'.

I asked him what it meant,

I think his words lied.

Another car came with Daddy today;

It belonged to Uncle Epps.

Apparently it fell into a lake once,

Into the murky depths…

Daddy's going again tonight,

Back out into 'the field'.

I will miss my Daddy,

I hope he takes his shield.

But I know one thing;

That my Daddy will return.

The truck he has will protect him,

So I feel no concern…

I just hope God is kind to him,

And does not do any harm to him.