The Call Goes Out


One of the burglars was shot in the back by a blast of blue electricity and went flying into a wall. "Forget about him, everyone get to the car!" the leader ordered, but was stopped as a stop sign was ripped out of the ground and wrapped around his legs. "AH DAMN IT!"

The last burglar had reached the car, but was hit by an electric blast, but this one did not hurt. Instead, it magnetized the thief and practically glued him to the car, unable to move away from it. "Aw come on!" he cried.

"Thank you, Railgun!" the store clerk smiled as the masked hero nodded, and flew off. Other people looked into the air, seeing the electric hero fly above them, his blue and black jacket swaying in the air behind him, and his white mask hiding his true identity.

He flew through the air on a trashcan lid, and couldn't help but smile under his mask as the people below cheered him on, thinking of him as a hero. Suddenly though, shadows began to appear on the ground, and people gasped as they looked to the sky, seeing more than just their hero.

What the hell…? Railgun was suddenly tackled by an orange armored being, and they both went flying to the ground, making a crater in the middle of the road. "Uggghhh…Huh?" Hundreds of flying beings were in the air, and some of them were flying at him. He quickly kicked the armored being off of him, and saw copies of it flying closer at amazing speeds. He quickly fired a series of electric blasts at them, blasting them out of the sky and onto the ground. The masked hero quickly grabbed the trashcan lid and jumped onto it, and using his electric powers flew away from the flying evildoers.

Who the heck are these guys!? He thought as he blasted another one, but was suddenly tackled by another from his blind side. He fell to the ground, and groaned as four of the mysterious beings landed around him. This allowed him the chance to examine them closely.

He saw they were rather tall beings, and as earlier stated, covered in armor. They had three yellow orbs on the top of their oval shaped helmets. Their armor was orange, with black stripes on them, and they had what looked like jets on their elbows and jets on their backs. They each pulled back their fists, and activated their elbow engines, making each of their fists shoot down at Railgun.

He quickly rolled out of the way, and barely dodged their four fists. He then blasted two of them, sending them flying, and slammed his hands together, causing a bright light. The light blinded the remaining attackers, allowing Railgun time to escape.

"What was that all about?" he groaned, as he placed a hand on his injured rib. He then looked to the sky, seeing hundreds of the flying beings, some of which were flying down to attack the populace of the city.

"How do I get myself into these situations?"

The armored superhero, TAG One, or One to his friends, sighed as sped down the street on his motorcycle. Behind him were three more of the amazingly fast, armored beings. He sped down the street, dodging cars and trucks as the three flying attackers chased him.

The young superhero was also covered in armor, his being white with a black belt, and matching bands on his wrists and ankles, with a black visor and black 1, on the left of his chest. TAG One sped down the street, dodging another car, while his attackers were just following close behind him in the air.

"WHOA!" he yelled as another one of his attackers nearly hit him from the side. "That's it!" he yelled, as he took out a silver rod, and out of the rod came a white beam. He held the laser sword, and moved so he was now standing on his motorcycle. Looking up, he saw the four attackers were advancing to him, but he was ready.

He leapt off of the bike and suddenly blasted into the air, courtesy of his rocket boots. TAG One tackled one of the bad guys, and began to attack it with a flurry of punches, before flying over to another of the armored beings. It was at that moment his boots stopped, making him plummet. Luckily, One was able to grab the arm of one the armored being with one hand, and with his sword in the other hand, he stabbed one of the attacker's elbow engines.

"Thanks for the lift!" TAG One laughed as the evildoer began to descend, with him still holding onto it. "See ya!" he yelled, as he jumped off and activated his rocket boots again, and landed on his motorcycle. He quickly drove away, as the remaining two attackers chased after him. He put his laser sword away, and pulled out a gun, and turned around on the motorcycle.

He fired away at the two robots, blasting one and causing it to crash. One then turned the bike around, and replaced his gun with his sword. He saw a nearby car, and sped forward, before lifting the front of his bike up, and used the car as a ramp. He soared into the air, and used the laser sword to slice the attacker's jetpack. The orange villain crashed onto the street, as TAG One landed on the ground, unharmed.

"Four down, a thousand to go," the young hero sighed, as he sped down the street. "The others are busy all around the city, and by the sounds of it, it doesn't sound like this attack is just focused on Ringgold City. Is Hell Bringer up to this?" TAG One thought aloud, before suddenly coming to a halt. "…You have got to be kidding me."

Before the armored superhero was a robot as big as a building, and covered in green metal. It had a massive glass orb shaped head, with six long tentacles, ending in pincers and four crab legs. In the center of its chest were three orbs, in the shape of a triangle. The three orbs glowed, before firing three beams of energy at TAG One.

"You never see Batman fighting giant robots!" One complained as he drove away, but was caught in one of the energy blast, destroying his bike and sending him flying. "AHHH!" the armored hero landed on the ground, his armor still smoking and his body injured. Fortunately, his armor was able to take most of the blast. "World wide invasion, giant robot…What next?"


"…An army of giant robots…Great," TAG One sighed, as he saw more of the green robots appear, and joined in the destruction of the city. Something tells me, I'm going to need help…


That's the end of chapter one! Who are these invaders? What will our heroes do against them?! Who will answer the call of heroes!? YOU WILL! That's right; I'm accepting FOUR heroes, FIVE if I'm feeling generous. I'll create my own hero, depending on what kind of heroes I receive, but I think I already have him/her/it planned out. Now then, if you want to join the adventure, look below.

1: I would PREFER if your hero/heroine already has a story focused on them. It helps with the epicness, but it is not mandatory.

2: I WILL NOT accept profiles, if they are just profiles. I want some reviews in there! In other words, I won't accept it if it's just, 'please take my character (insert profile here).' That's rude. I would take it if, 'Hey! Awesome story, Blade100. I liked the actions scenes. Hey, can my character join? Thank you in advance, if you accept her!' That's how you do it.

3: Don't try to make the perfect hero. Each hero/heroine is special in their own way. They are threads, and together, they will sew the sweater of justice, that shall keep us all warm from the cold wind of evil!

4: Fill this out if you want the hero to join, and PM the hero to me. That's PM. Private Message. You have to review the story though, for me to consider your PM. I don't want a bunch of PMs from people who haven't even read the story.

Super Name: (Be creative)

Normal Name:

Age: (Are you really really magically old? Or are you an alien, and you're just old by Earth years? Are you at a young age, due to being a robot?)

Race: (Human? Alien? If human, Caucasian? African? Asian?)


Super Appearance: (Their super outfit. Do they change completely like the Hulk, or is it just a change of clothing?)

Normal Appearance: (Include hair color, style, eye color, height, and other such details)

Powers: (Try to limit it to three. Be creative, and if the powers fit together, then they count as one. For example, Railgun can produce and manipulate electricity. That also means he can control metals, and magnetize objects. If you don't have powers, that's fine. For another example, you can't be super strong, if you're not super durable.)

Weapons/Gear: (If you don't have any weapons, feel free to have lots of gear. If you have powers, try to keep little to no gear. You don't see Spider-man use a boomerang as a weapon, but you'd probably expect that from Batman. And by weapons and gear, yes, I mean if you have an Iron Man-like armor, then put it here.)

Opinion on being part of a team: (Are you excited? Do you hate the thought? Are you scared? TELL ME!)

Biography: (How did you get your powers or gear? Did you train for them? Did your dying father give them to you? Are you an alien? Are you a robot? Are you an alien robot from the future? TELL ME!)

Weakness: (Everyone has them; don't lie to me about not having them. I know you have them. EVERYONE has them. Don't just say a certain type of rock, chemical, or magic. Batman's armor can only take bullets, Spider-man's spider-sense can be beaten with certain chemicals, and he's not that strong when you climb the superpowered scale. Superman is weak against mental attacks, sonic attacks, and kryptonite and Iron Man could probably lose against a very big magnet! Are they slow, dumb, physically weak, is their armor vulnerable to magnets, do they become weak in water, can they only use their powers once in a while, do they need to concentrate to use their powers!? GIVE. ME. SOMETHING!)

What Kind of Hero Are You: (By this, I mean are you Technology based, like Iron Man or Batman, or are you a mutant, like the X-Men? Are you just a Natural being who knows kung-fu or a super-genius, like the Punisher? Are you a hero from a Scientific accident, like the Flash who got hit by lightning, Spider-man, or the Hulk? Or are you Magical, like Wonder Woman or Doctor Strange? Just tell me, what gave you your powers. )

Anything Else:

Remember folks, to give me this in a PM. Thank you for reading all the way to the bottom. Now for one last part…

Railgun is a superhero made by Tempest Guardian. TAG One is a superhero made by Patch72.

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