"School, for Those Who Need It"

I thought right away...
How small things are
–Between a thought to add
and the time it can be done:

I am
Left with scarcity
and right from brawn,..
wishing to know love
without having to die.

And I would step into a room – hearing laughter,
but from its tone and presence, I'd know it's not for me;
as there once was a time when one could put
any event in front of me,
and I could tell the next to come.

But miscommunication is the mother of culture,
The Devil's in the distance
singin', "Vices for days...
What you got, you can't use.
And what you can use ain't useful."

To this I said,
"Then grab me by the collar
and show me where you'd stand,"
while remaining in that wasted moment
much longer than I must
for a sense of similarity...

She is gone,
for what is new fades into life
as I fall with a hand to help her,
yelling out, "Wild is not exciting,"
still praying she be the last I see
and hoping to see her soon;

For when you think too much of others'
thoughts,.. it happens:
Not that they no longer think of you,
but that they don't do it with you near.

However, this is
About the time I stop caring.
...But it left immediately.