A cold machete

Stabbed deep within

Blood pored, there's plenty

A fist dug deep

Into my chest

An undeserved

Disgusting protest

Why are we beaten?

For non conformity

My love charged

A sickened deformity

Did we not learn?

From the past

Why do we let

This hatred last

A knife that cuts

So far and wide

No one is safe

No one can hide

It's spilled my blood

It's spilled my tears

It's brought to life

My biggest fears

It's haunted me

Since I came out

The closet was safer

Without a doubt

Can't tell a soul

About my wife

No one knows

My real life

Because of this hate

It's brought such death

Distraught teens

Take their last breath

All because

You can't just see

There's nothing wrong

With them or me


A drunken ass

Who blindly aims

His shiny brass

He cocks it back

And goes to fire

If you are different

Repress your desire

For if you don't

The gun hell place

Deep in your mouth

And blow off your face

He will break you

Don't second guess


Gets the best

He will cut you

Inside and out

He will bleed you

Without a doubt

Hell rape your emotions

And laugh when you cry

All because

You didn't deny

The difference you had

You didn't suppress

Shouldn't have told them

You did posses

Don't let him see

This difference in you


He will kill you too