Discrimination holds the razor

Deep inside my wrist

It's the one that cut my arms

It destroyed my bliss

It's the one that broke my leg

When the man did bend it back

All because a orientation

Called straight I did lack

Discrimination tore out my heart

When it did take my wife

She was on her way home

A man stabbed her with a knife

All because he saw our rings

And me kiss her at our door

He didn't like that I had her

He supported this homo war

Discrimination took my friend

He shot him in the street

All because he gave him his number

Saying hi my name it Pete

Discrimination holds the glass

That did cut my vein

I couldn't take the teasing

I couldn't take the names

I'm the wife that died without

Her wife by her side

Since we were just partners

She wasn't allowed inside

I'm the guy that hasn't said

A word to his parents in years

All because they say I'm sick

Discrimination brought their fears

It causes hatred

It can take lives

So why do we let

This menace survive