Midnight Return

As I lied in bed waiting for sleep

In my eyes to seep

My mind refused to rest

Until John returned from his quest

On his shoulder I wished to weep

I heard a distant clank, clank

All at once my heart sank

Sure I was soon to fint

At thoughts of return of heavenly saint

Alas only clank... clank

Spin my head surely did

With thoughts of me once a kid

And I lost my dearest friend

There my childhood end

Yes t surely did

Once more clank, clank

God I did thank

Sleep had began to fall

My name dreams did call

No more thought of clank, clank

Before I completely scaped the night

I was filled with fright

As I heard a voice speak

The voice did me seek

I opened my eyes at such a sight

There before my bed

Stood the walking dead

The face I did know

One never a foe

Had my name said

I fell still

Reminded of that long ago deal

I wished to peak

Only to be found too weak

To say the words my heart longed to spill

Off I herd dear John

And the ghost was gone

My fate was clar

It was to be filled with tears

As I heard a battle below rage on

Evil had returned

From that hidden away urn

To steal away myheart once more

With greater pain than before

May his soul forever burn

I never wished him harm

Now he had twisted my arm

Once I showed him love

Yet no longer lied a sweet dove

Showing him such charm