Shades of Gray

Blue bleeding from a paper sky,

melting to the bottom of the painting

as golden leaves fade to gray and expire to the ground

surrendering to nothingness.

Naked trees stand alone and cold,

Shaded with charcoal their thin bony fingers point at everything,

away from themselves,

in a gray world with a gray dry sky.

A life ends and a metronome ticks softly,

keeping the rhythm of broken perfection,

of unsaid goodbyes and never ending tears

and the footsteps of a girl.

A cold breeze gently plays with her colourless mane,

the cold cutting through her smudged charcoal jacket like knives,

a red cable knit hat sits uneasily on her tangle of once golden curls

as she walks through a forest of lost people.

Under a sad empty sky and pointing wooden fingers,

She steps to the lonely beat of a metronome

With shining black shoes on dead soundless leaves,

Her footsteps mirror the rhythm exactly.

She touches the wind chilled hat with colourless fingers,

clinging to the vibrant wool with sad desperation,

Besides broken promises and unsaid goodbyes,

the only thing she has left burning bright red in a fading forest.

A breeze licks her face with a tongue of icy air.

A chill shakes her and her hat fades to gray,

and she pretends not to notice the vacant chill of loneliness,

dancing through her hair.

She tries to ignore the snaking wind,

winding around her tall slender frame,

filtering icily through her branches

and bony wooden fingers.

A/N: I put the rulers in because fp wouldn't let me separate my stanzas and it's easier to read this way. There's also quite a bit of symbolism in this one. Let me know what you think and how you interpret it. Thank you for reading.