In the hospital

She lay real still

As the disease

Began to kill

I only saw her

Once in there

Tell me how

You think that's fair

I wasn't married

I wasn't related

I had no right

To see her they stated

She was there

For at least 3 months

Her mother

Had had enough

She went into a comma

She was out for good

The doctors had done

All they could

Her mother cried

Night and day

Until she took

My loves life away

She told them

Please let her die

I never did get

To say goodbye

That was my

Decision to make

I was her lover

This was a mistake

She would be alive still

If it was my call

My lover never

Wanted this at all

She never discussed

No life support

She would not have wanted

To abort

Any chance

Of coming back


She never lacked

It was my decision

They took it away

All because

I am gay

All because

No marriage I had

She was my lover

She would have been glad

To have me by her

Day and night

Maybe she would have

Hung in to fight

Maybe I would have

Given her hope

Maybe I would have

Helped her to cope

With all of her fears

And all of her pain

I was her wife

But no chance came

For me to tell them

Keep her alive

No chance to say

Baby you can survive

Her funeral was where

I said goodbye

In front of her family

I could not cry

Her mother hated

That her daughter was gay

And so forever

This guilt will stay

I never got to say goodbye

I loved her so, but had no chance

To keep her alive

So read this story, take a glance

Please stop this homo scare

Were not diseased, were not ill

Please stop homophobia

My wife it did kill