I am the razor

Cuts deep in your skin

I let out the pain

From deep with in

Don't try and hide it

They all can see

Maybe they'll help you

Get rid of me

Maybe they'll help you

Put down my blade

And take a look

At what you've made

The webs you have weaved across your skin

The hate you create with a piece of steel

The body you tare with every slash

The pain you almost have to feel

The blood you spill upon the floor

With every slash you waste your life

Maybe they'll help you

With all your strife

My blade feels warm

Compared to your skin

From all the tares

The heat you've ridden

Your flesh can no longer be considered skin

It's scared and torn

It's eaten and frayed

You've abused it since your hate was born

I've become your addiction

Your cocaine your crack

You can't live without me

That's a fact

My cold steel against your skin

My shiny metal you look deep in

The blood the pours from ever nick

And you've only started to just begin

The more that you carve

This creation of slits

The more the blood pours

The more the red spits

The more relaxed

Your body does get

But the more you destroy yourself

Bit by bit

They all can see

The marks I have made

Look at their faces

Looks of dismay

Talk to one of them

Maybe they'll help

You can't keep destroying

Every bit of your self

Maybe they'll help you

To get rid of me

For I am so tired

Of making you bleed