It's not my fault and you will not tell me otherwise,
will not force me to apologize,
will not coerce me with your crocodile tears,
for I am finally tired of your lies.

This relationship is nothing
but a barrel of rotten fruits,
festering and cancerous.
How light is my life
with this burden set aside,
with this poison left behind.

It took two years to realize
that every apology you gave to me
was tainted with your blame,
wanting me to feel ashamed.
I never made you hurt me;
I never made you mean.

I did my mourning then,
the first time I saw us begin to die.
But always were you dead inside;
it wasn't just a dream.
Now, my tears are dried.
I only feel relief.

So, I'm sorry
for being wrong
on one thing only.
This bond has diminished,
this friendship is finished,
because it never was there
to begin with.
There are some things
which must be left behind.

I have drawn this poison from my body.
You shall wound me no more.