This is dark, so yeah. It's actually based on a conversation I had with my boyfriend a few weeks ago. He said to me that he would commit suicide if someone found out what he told me. Naturally, this hurt me a lot, and I came up with this that night. I improved it, and here you go. There will be more, please R&R!

"No." A single word escapes her lips, and she falls heavily to her knees, fingernails digging so hard into the skin of her palms that she has succeeded in drawing blood, but she is past even noticing the pain.

"I'm sorry." The doctor says quietly, before leaving her alone.

She knows that somewhere in this hospital, his mum is being told exactly the same thing she just heard. 'There was nothing we could do.' This hurts, because she knows that's what he was aiming for. He always said he loved her. Despite everything, she knows she still loves him, with all her heart. Everyone says, or rather, said, that they don't -didn't- have the average teen relationship. There were no break-ups, no arguments, no showing off, just pure love. She remembers T-J's words. 'I'm jealous of what you guys have, don't ever waste it. I know I'll never have love like you two do. It's special, it will truly last forever.' That was the night he first mentioned it. That was the only argument they ever had. She had to talk to someone, and they told her to trust him. To make him see just how much he could hurt her if he did it. So she did. She remembers the last conversation they ever had. 'I love you so much, baby. You know that, don't you?' She had laughed, but there was… something, there in his words, desperation. He was desperate to make her understand that despite this, he still loved her with all his heart. 'You know I love you. I always will.' She had stand on her tip-toes to kiss him. 'Thank-you. You've given me more than I ever deserve. Good-bye, baby.' For a second, she had thought his eyes were shimmering with tears, but she dismissed it. He didn't cry. 'Bye, you. See you. Love you!' She had smiled, and after another kiss, he had gone for his bus, and she'd headed back into the school.

She doesn't open her eyes for… she doesn't know how long. Too long. She blinks in the harsh hospital light. She feels her mobile vibrate in her pocket, and that's when she realises. She has to tell the others, their friends. Blindly, she stumbles outside. She finds a secluded spot, where no one can see her cry, and pulls out her phone. The text, which she reads first, is from Fraser. 'Is it true?' She can't bring herself to reply. This is all his fault. Instead, she opens her recent contacts. Selects the first name in the list. T-J. It rings for about thirty seconds before she hears Teej answer.


"It's me." She says quietly.

"What is it?" Immediately, T-J knows something is wrong.

"He… He did it." She chokes.

"You're joking me. He wouldn't do that. He promised."

"He found out…"

"Fraser? How?"

"I don't know. I'm at the hospital. Can… can you pick me up? Can I stay at yours tonight?" She breaks down again, "Please, I can't be on my own."