i'm combing through that all-too familiar sorrow,
breathing life into words that have no meaning,
no real meaning, just like humans.

just as i hold none.

plastering on a fake smile seems less worth it
than before. i'd prefer to just hide.
the smile fades to tears when your back is turned.

i'd turn my back too.

i despise liars, does that make me hypocritical,
or self preserving? i indulge in my lover for hours,
listening to the mystical tunes drifting from my speakers.

currently, not even they can make me smile.

my hands beat on the mattress i lay upon,
the sobs rip through my diaphragm, but still
there is no sound.

safe inside myself, what a disastrous lie.

i know you hear me, don't just walk away.
drifting slowly into release, the darkness spreads
throughout my vision, no dreams to save me.

i'll just go insane.

the pen draws lines on the paper,
unrecognizable by human eyes,
we call these words, but they just bleed.

bleed like i would, if i held no meaning either.