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and I shall hear through soft you tread above me

and all my grave shall warmer sweeter be

then you will kneel and whisper that you love me

and I shall sleep in peace until you come to me


Life in this new Somewhat-Heaven -Eva called it Love-Heaven because soul mates met up here for the final journey- was a lot better when I didn't know what was going on down on earth, and not obsessed with how my family was doing.

At night, Eva and I would dance to the music played by some of the lonely musicians and would sing along with all the songs we knew -which was every single one. But we weren't the only ones up there, there were at least fifty people dancing as the golden sky turned dark blue and the mystic stars showed.

It was like a dream, like it was truly Heaven. Then, one night, someone cut in the middle of Eva and me dancing. He asked to take this dance and Eva gave him a sharp look and then her eyes softened.

"Good evening, Grandson," she said. "You made this girl wait for you."

Tevin, looking more mature than before, gave my grandma a smile and said, "Yes, but she's the one who left me."

Eva gave him a once over and then grabbed a man to dance with, flailing her arms around with pure joy. Tevin wrapped his arm around my waist, took my hand, and we danced like maniacs around the mountain. We laughed and sang along to every song, and I could almost feel God smiling down on us, so close to being at peace.

We even ran into Lucas and Mel, they were dancing and laughing loudly. They looked incredibly happy. I beamed at Tevin and pecked him on his soft cheek, reveling in the sense of touch again.

I wrapped my arms around his neck as the night's dancing drew to the close. This meant that the newly found soul mates could leave and go onto the final stage - Heaven-Heaven. I watched the sky lighten and waved to Lucas and Mel as they disappeared onto the other side of the mountain -to Heaven. Tevin and I agreed that we weren't ready. One more night, a voice whispered in our ears, and then you'll both be free to join me.

We stayed, watching as everyone met with their soul mates and waited for night to fall. It was beautiful. Eva waited beside me, opposite of Tevin, and scanned the crowd for something I had right beside me. Then her eyes nearly bugged out of her head as a handsome man came trotting up to her, grinning widely.

"Eva," he said, his gravelly voice familiar.

"Oh," she whimpered, jumping to her feet and throwing her arms around the man. "Oh, my dear, Charles!" she gasped.

In the flesh, sort of, Grandpa Chuck hugged his wife, finally reunited since she died, five years previous.

"You look beautiful, darling," he said, soothing her hair. The he caught sight of me. "Well, if it isn't Miss Belle," he beamed. "You sure did cause a ruckus for your family, you know that right?"

I nodded. "It'd good to see you, Chuck, how are everyone?"

He frowned. "They won't be too well once the news reaches them," he said sadly. "I just got downstairs when I felt this huge pull toward the stairs. I gave the earth below a good look and then left, and here we are."

Eva gripped her husband's face, gave him a swift peck on the lips, and then moaned, "Oh, gosh, I missed that."

He wrapped his arms around his wife and smiled. "Oh, my dear, you have no idea."

Tevin reached out and squeezed my hand, and I looked at him in time for him to plant a kiss on my lips. He gently cupped my cheek with his hand and then pressed our foreheads together.

It was official for me; I was so close to Heaven that I was ready for it.

But that didn't mean my family was willing to give up my attention just yet.


The sound of my sister's hoarse cries almost seemed to wake me up, and I was in a room with doctors hustling around. They wore scrubs and serious demeanors as they circled my sister, her face red and her belly swollen.

My sister was giving birth.

She cried out in pain, shouting my name again as my mother gripped her hand and a mysterious boy gripped her other hand. Audrey looked like she was about to take to the sky as she looked up at the ceiling, cursing and yelling. Then she hoarsely screamed, "GIVE ME MY SISTER!"

Stepping forward, I was actually there, complete with senses. The nurses and doctors didn't give me a second glance as I came to stand beside her, feeling my Easter skirt brushing up against the bed. My mother looked up at me, shocked, but I paid her no attention. I gently put my hand on my sister's forehead and shushed her calmly.

"I'm here," I whispered.

Her blue eyes found mine and she smiled. "I knew you weren't gone," she panted.

I smiled and kept my hand against her forehead as she screamed and yelled in pain, and a few moments later they cried out, "It's a girl!" Then the sound of life filled the room, the sound of a baby's cry.

Looking down at the sheer amazement at the child she'd given birth to, she forgot about me. I stepped back from her, one-step at a time. My mother stared at me, and I looked at her, smiling. "I'm happy now, Mum," I said. "Let me go."

She nodded her head as tears filled her eyes. "Okay, Bells."

Just like that, that stake in my heart was gone along with its pain. I looked up at the ceiling and saw Eva, Chuck, and Tevin waiting for me, dancing around as the night crept in on Love-Heaven.

"Time to go," I whispered, then stepped back once more.

My mother squeezed my sister's hand, Audrey looked at my mother and then at me. I gave her a nod and a smile and then I went back up to Love-Heaven.

Goodbye, I whispered as I left; only they couldn't hear it. But I did hear the name being given to the young baby.

Lucy Annabelle Covvet-James.


I walked into the waiting room, as solid as I had been on the night I died. Looking around, no one gave me a second look, thinking I was completely normal, but I wasn't. I was as far from normal as I was alive.

My eyes fell on the two men in the corner, both had blood shot eyes and hair that had been ran through too many times. I could tell that they were worried about my sister, really worried. Apparently, it hadn't been nine months yet -it'd been 39 weeks.

Stepping fully into the room, I saw my brother stiffen and look up from his hands. His eyes met mine and his jaw dropped, and then reached out for my dad's hand. "Dad," he whispered. "Annabelle."

I smiled, but didn't move closer as my dad's eyes finally reached me. "Time to go," I whispered, barely auditable for them, but they somehow heard.

Andrew jumped to his feet as if to stop me, but I didn't move. My dad looked at me solemnly and nodded. "Go on, dear," he mumbled.

I smiled at him; feeling like a spotlight had been dropped on my head. That was when I became transparent again - ready to go to Heaven. Andrew looked like he was in pain. "B-but," he stuttered, "Annabelle."

"I'm free," I said. "So are you, Andrew Covvet. I'll see you when you come up."

"Goodbye, sweetheart," Dad cried softly, wiping his eyes.

Deep down, I could see Andrew's heart breaking in front of me, and that's when I felt something outside the door. I turned and saw Shelby, scanning the room for Andrew. I stepped forward, out of the light and once again solid, I walked over to Shelby and gently took her hand.

"You know, I've heard a lot about you from Drew," I whispered to her as I guided her to my brother. "He won't stop talking about you!"

She looked at me oddly. "Who-?"

That's when I reached Andrew, took his hand and put Shelby's in his. Andrew was silently crying and gasped as my fingers brushed against his arm. I smiled at them. "My name is Annabelle Covvet; I was born on August 29, 1995; I died on January 15, 2011. Goodbye," I said, leaning in and kissing my brother's cheek before the light fell on me again and I looked up, seeing Tevin and Eva I quickly headed up to them excitedly.

Tevin wrapped his arms around me when I reached him; I pressed myself right up against him and squeezed him happily. "I did it," I whispered.

"You did it," he confirmed. "Now, it's time to go."

I nodded, and then pulled away. I looked at him and saw him, as that little nine year old, his green bandana covering his honey blonde hair, and the clean clothes that must have been his favorite outfit as a child.

Noticing that I was eyelevel with him, I realized that I was nine again too. I was wearing my favorite red dress with the black bow in my hair.

I took his hand and we followed Eva and Chuck to Heaven, finally at peace.


Heaven wasn't anything like I expected, because it was finally better than what I expected. No amount of "bringing it up" could have made you disappointed in what you saw there. Finally, I was home.

From Heaven, I could sometimes slip away from all the dancing, glance down at the world, and see what was going on. I witnessed Andrew and Shelby cutting their cake, and was even seen in a picture! They framed that picture, of me standing behind them, clapping.

Audrey's daughter was so beautiful; she had the blue eyes I wanted. Her biological father was around and actually started working to raise his daughter up right, and keep his soon-to-be wife happy. Even when I checked again on Lucy's graduation night, Audrey and her now-husband -Jack- were still very much in love, and had even given Lucy a little sister.

My parents still felt the pain of losing me until they finally joined me twenty years later. They were young, beautiful and so fun to watch dance around with all the adults.

My brother and my sister both lived lives that made me proud.

But, some days, I would hear them talk to me, as if they were right beside me. I would look down at them and smile, sending out the sun on a cloudy day to let them know I was listening, or I would give a little miracle of snow, something that baffled all scientists. I liked to call these miracles Winks, like I was saying that I was still there with them, even when I wasn't anymore.

The one day, a middle-aged couple taking a walk in the park saw Lucy taking a jog. She was around twenty-one by then, but they stopped her and looked at her.

"Oh, dear, you look just like Annabelle Covvet," the woman gushed. "I went to school with her, before she died."

Lucy's face softened and she said, "Yeah, I've gotten that a lot. Actually, my mom was her sister," she would say.

Their eyes widened. "Oh!" she gasped. "Well, then, my name is Anna. I was Belle's best friend. Audrey may have mentioned me?" It was said as more of a question, and up in Heaven I laughed.

"Anna?" she repeated. "But Auntie Belle's name was Annabelle."

Oh, yeah, Anna and I noticed that. That little fact was the reason we were still best friends, because without Anna, I would have been just a bell.

Anna laughed. "That was why we were even best friends," she laughed, squeezing her husband's hand.

He -Jason- beamed down at her and took a deep breath. "I would have liked to have met her, but I'm sure she's exactly how Anna says."

Lucy smiled and was about to say goodbye when she remembered a story. "Actually, I heard from my uncle that Belle was there when I was born."

Anna looked startled and Jason went white.

Lucy nodded eagerly. "Mom says that she was wearing her-"

"Easter outfit," Anna and her said in unison.

Lucy smiled. "Yeah, and she looked happy. She was coming to say goodbye, to let them know that it was all right. And the moment I was born, she left to go say goodbye to Andrew and granddad."

Anna wiped a tear from her eye. "Oh, that just…just sounds exactly like Belle. Leaving before any of the gore, that's why she never went to horror movies with me, you know."

Lucy laughed, sounding like angels when she did so. "Mom told me about that. She said that Belle was the sweetest person in the whole world, but was extra sweet to Andrew. Why?"

Anna softened and took Lucy's hand in hers and covered it with her free hand. "I guess we'll never know, but rest assured. I'm sure Belle's up there in Heaven listening to us right now." She lifted her hand and waved up at the cloudy sky.

I smiled and in that moment the clouds parted and the sun peeked out, forcing Anna to look away, beaming Lucy. "See, Miss Lucy? She listens."

I do. I will always listen, until every last one of you is with me.

~Annabelle "Belle" Covvet, sister and friend.

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