Part I

She was his queen, he was her guard.
Eyes cold like stone; face marble-hard.
And every day, he played his part:
A being of strength without the heart.

The queen, in turn, embraced her role:
With quiet grace, held firm control.
From day to day, the duty called,
And maintained order in her world.

She ruled the lives, all proud and strong;
Decisions made were never wrong.
With conflicts settled, peace in court,
She earned respect and great support.

And all this time, he stood nearby,
Just close enough to hear her sigh.
And to unveil the hidden sorrow,
In darkened night and sunlit morrow.

Queen's trusted guard, her constant shadow,
There to protect with loyal ardor,
Besides the body, guarded soul;
Knew secret dreams, heard silent call.

The heartless man with piercing eyes
Disrobed the queen off her disguise.
And just to him, she could confide
The bitter thoughts that stabbed her mind.

With all that might, on golden throne,
She felt so miserably alone.
Of course, respected well enough.
But what's respect without love?

Ans as she spoke, his amber gaze
Made tender strokes along her face.
His softened features were revealing
A hint of some forbidden feeling.

And then, one night, a fleeting smile
Tore down the wall of self-denial.
So, in a kiss of utter passion,
He stunned her with a blunt confession!

The common sense told her to say
"How dare you, servant?! Go away!"
But deep inside, now fierce and bold,
Her lonely heart rose in revolt!

With hands in craze and lips on fire,
They both surrendered to desire.
And caught in heat of pure emotion,
For night of love they traded caution.

What a mistake...

Part II

The fates were cruel: a servant saw
This "act of scandal" through the door.
And with the break of early dawn,
The filthy rumor has begun.

Thus, as the queen moved through the day,
Astonished glances flew her way.
Too late she realized her mistake,
And how much had been placed at stake.

As horrid news spread through the court,
She quickly lost much of support.
The great respect, along with trust,
Had fainted into grayish dust.

Then came the whispers, cold and cruel:
"The queen is no more fit to rule!"
The shame was deep and days grew stranger;
Her treasured crown was now in danger!

And, though it almost broke her heart,
She had to send away this guard.
He knew the logic explanation:
This sacrifice was for the nation.

"There is no privilege of choice,"
She whispered in a tortured voice.
"I am the queen, you're one of guards;
By fate, we're playing different parts."

But even sending him away
Was not enough to save the day.
It would require something more
For trust of people to restore.

Determined to erase queen's shame,
The guard announced "I am to blame!
That night, besotted by the wine,
I've tried to make the queen all mine.

And all the protests on her side
Were not enough to change my mind.
She warned me that I will regret;
Yet I used force and vile threat!"

The court was shocked at what they've heard;
Fierce anger grew with every word.
"You heartless dog! You savage being!
How dare you try such foul thing?!"

And somewhere far, beyond crowd's roar,
Queen's withered soul felt very sore.
She knew that, lying for her sake,
All punishment alone he'll take.

Her single word would serve as proof.
"Your highness, did he tell the truth?"
Despite the guilt's arising press,
Through greeted teeth, she whispered...


The court saw only one solution:
This beast deserved an execution!
And by next day, with shaking hand,
She signed, through tears, this "just" command.


She rules the lives, all proud and strong;
Decisions made are never wrong.
By her now stands another guard:
A being of strength without the heart.

This is how fate decided...