101 Ways To Get Kicked Out Of Wal-Mart

Disclaimer: This Is For Entertainment Purposes Only! So if any of my lovely readers decide to try them out, IT IS SO NOT MY FAULT! And just a reminder: some of these suggestions are somewhat illegal, so they are even bigger no-no's!

Get as many stuffed animals as you can carry and walk to either the main aisle or the most crowded aisle you can find. Now throw your arm load of stuffed animals as far as you can, attempt to get them as spread out everywhere as you can, and if you can hit anyone [especially an employee!] that's great! As you throw them scream "BE FREE!" loudly.

Pick an item at random, preferably something on sale or in damaged packaging. Then find a price scanner [one of the one's in the aisles! Not the ones hidden in the big clothes areas] and scan the item. Begin to loudly shout at the price scanner, arguing about the price. Attempt to haggle.

If possible, set all the alarm clock to go off in order. For example, the black clock goes off and five seconds later, the small travel one goes off, five seconds later the one with big digital letters goes off, and so on.

Variation Of Number Three: Bring a battery operated alarm clock from home and hide it in the shelves of alarm clocks. Then lie on the floor and wait for the alarm clock (having set it earlier for a minute or two ahead of time). Once it goes off, sit up and scream loudly, quickly push snooze and lie back down. Wait for someone to show up then moan, "Ten More Minutes, Mommy". Proceed as such until removed from store.

Requires at least three people; stage a large shopping cart race/scavenger hunt. Have all participating screaming hysterically about looking for strange and/or non-existent items. Make sure all are riding shopping carts at high speed.

Hide in the clothes racks and whenever anyone walks near moan loudly. If they stop to investigate tell them you are the ghost of the ugly lemon blouse that nobody bought and if they don't buy the next ugly blouse they see you'll haunt them forever. Warning: Be ready for quick escape outside opposite side of clothes rack; pick your clothes rack wisely!

Gather as many egg cartons as there are and spread them out in a circle on the floor, opening the packages. Sit in the middle of the egg carton circle staring intently at the eggs until someone asks what you're doing. Respond in a "duh" manner, "I'm waiting for them to hatch!"

Wal-Mart Tag!! This one has the Anissa Seal Of Approval and has been personally tested by Anissa herself. [Special Thanks To Anissa]

Put up 50% off - 100% off signs up on random items that wouldn't make sense to be on sale. Such as the floor, shelves themselves, and anything else you deem appropriate.

Throw a large pile of clothing on the floor, as large as you need for your height and body type, and proceed to make "clothing angels" on the floor. Note: Move quickly! Throwing a ton of clothes on the floor will attract attention!