Disclaimer: This Is For Entertainment Purposes Only! So if any of my lovely readers decide to try them out, IT IS SO NOT MY FAULT! And just a reminder: some of these suggestions are somewhat illegal, so they are even bigger no-no's!

51. Stage Thanksgiving dinner in the middle of the store with fake plastic food, complete with four inch turkey and imaginary gravy in a teacup.

52. Speak only in Pig Latin and refuse to speak in English. Claim you don't speak English.

53. Open a lemonade stand right next to where they sell the lemonade. Suggestion: Make the lemonade really bad and really overpriced, but not so ridiculously overpriced that even the really stupid people realize that you're not an official lemonade vendor.

54. Reenact a tragic Victorian era romance scene. Use over the top costumes [a floral print sheet wrapped around your waist makes an excellent skirt] and don't ever forget the cheese!!

55. This is one you can do by yourself of with friends, hold your arms out and run around the store making whirring noises, you're pretending to be an airplane! It's cute when the three year old does it, it's weird when you do it and just plane freaky when a whole group of people does it. [A/N: I made a pun!! And it was actually a typo to begin with. Accidental puns are the best kind]

56. Ever played Halo? Translate that, or any other militia type game, in to real life and run around in camo pretending you're on an official mission. If your alone, carry a Walkie Talkie and talk to imaginary people on it using phrase like "Roger", "Copy", and "Blackhawk Out!". If you're with a group of people, carry a Walkie Talkie and talk to real people on it using phrase like "Roger", "Copy", and "Blackhawk Out!".

56 And A Half. GI Joe Will Work Too!!! [I love Shipwreck; who's your favorite?]

57. Get a friend to dress up as a mouse and sit somewhere randomly around the store, nibbling on a large slice of cheese. You, run around with a picture of said friend in mouse costume saying you're looking for your pet mouse. You can use cat, dog, gerbil, or man eating sphinx if you don't like mice.

58. Get a really big piece of paper, at least 4x4 feet, and draw a Sudoku board on it. Attempt to finish in the middle of the store and get other customers to help you. Be hysterically yelling at the Sudoku board because you're just no good at Sudoku. [[Wowsers! I just noticed the man sitting next to me is playing Sudoku!! Talk about irony!]

59. What if the Hokey Pokey really is what it's all about? Bring a battery operated CD player or just sing loud and off key but either way, put your left hand, put your left hand out, put your left hand in and shake it all about. Dance the Hokey Pokey in the middle of Wal-Mart!!

60. I love board games; one of my favorites is Clue. Stage a game of Clue, having witnesses and someone lying in the middle of the floor with ketchup dribbling down their chin. It was the Manager With The Shopping Cart In The Woman's Lingerie Section!!

So I'm on a plane, yes on a plane! Amazing a'int it? Anyway, in case you're wondering plane rides are not going to win the world record for most entertaining form of transportation anytime soon. So here I am, working on one of my passions, 101 Ways To Get Kicked Out Of Wal-Mart. So my dear readers [and reviewers, *hint hint*], I hope you've enjoyed the latest update and I will be back with more soon. [It seems we're much too close to 101 though.] I love each and everyone one of you just for reading my work, weather your think it's horrible, wonderful, or semi-aquatic!