Walking across the stage, breathing deeply as the tassel was moved by the dean Lizzie realized she was now a true adult. She smiled for the school photographer and faintly heard the screams of her family over the sound of her heartbeat whooshing in her ears.

"I did it," she smiled to herself as she sat down in her seat.

"We did it," the shy man next to her smiled looking at his own diploma.

Lizzie didn't say anything but smiled at him, before she went back to running her fingers over the leather binder. As the ceremony dragged on she found herself glancing at him again and again. He was a redhead, and had some of the clearest blue eyes she had ever seen. His long fingers tapped a staccato rhythm on his leg, and Lizzie couldn't help but think about what they could do to her.

"So what was your major?" Lizzie asked

"Pre-med," He smiled at her.

"Wow, you're really smart aren't you?"

He shook his head, and smiled sheepishly.

"No, just determined."

"Me too," she breathed.

"What's your name?" He asked quietly.

"Elizabeth Seaton, and yours?"

"Aiden Cook," he answered quickly. "It's nice to meet you"

"You too, and best of luck to you in med school," Lizzie told him genuinely before tossing her cap.

Months later Lizzie found herself in a strange city, adjusting to moving from Maryland where she had went to college. Phoenix was much different as she found out quickly. The private school she had secured a teaching job at was an absolute dream, but the area of Maricopa County her apartment was in was less than desirable.

Upon hearing her email alert chime, Lizzie hurried quickly to see who had emailed her. She had heard from nearly three irate parents that evening, and it was only the second day of school. She dropped her coffee upon reading the Facebook notification.

"Hey Elizabeth, I'm not sure if you remember me but we spoke at graduation. I haven't been able to get your face out of my head since. Regards, Aiden.

Ps. You don't have to respond, just know you are beautiful."