never appreciated,

always run ragged,

i don't understand why i get stepped over,

every day is the same,


complaining about how i'm never good enough,

always not measuring up,

your standards are too high,

nothing equates to you,


i'm supposed to not care,

but every day,

you rip more strings out of my heart again,

your fist around them,


i can't take it,

i can't take it,

my lungs want to die,

and my insides are blackened by your touch,


buried one step each day,

and the shovel just waits for me when i wake,

the dirt is suffocating,

is there any light?


always taken for granted,

i'm always there for you,

but i never satisfy you,

what can i do to change?


arguments are never fought back,

and i just take the punches,

i just take the punches,

can you see the way i bleed?


it's running through my porcelain fingertips,

my sanity is like grains of sand,

i can't hold on any longer,

can you just please pick me up?


i need someone to lift me up from the depths,

bring me life into this useless body,

and make this ache go away,

brush the earth away,


i will be covered up until the die that my heart stops,

there is no one that cares,

no one that longs,

but somebody save me.