A/N; I was experimenting with form. Anyway, I do hope you enjoy, if it is at all confusing, or you do not think it works well at all, let me know (:

"Please don't leave me."

(She grips his arm, a look of begging across her face.)

"I'm already gone."

(A blank stare in her direction, her arm trembles.)

"I'll search for you, I'll never stop!"

(He shakes his head; she's the color of determination.)

"There's no use."

(Cold words, like a slap to her face.)

"I'll give up everything, to find you."

(Foolish girl, he pulled his arm from her.)

"You don't know what you're saying."

(Her eyes go wide, emotions changing so rapidly, anger coats her voice.)

"Neither do you!"

(He stares into the earth.)

"I've said those words before."

(She shakes her head, the tears welling up.)

"I'll change the world, for you."

(One final stand, before he speaks that putrid word.)