Six-Word Poems

World almost worn out; replace soon.

Girl dumps Ken doll, seeks boyfriend.

Need supplies. Please leave brains here.

Now opening airlock. Please hold breath.

Biologist discovers sex; stork on unemployment.

Professor translates Finnegans Wake to English.

Politician makes demonic pact; none surprised.

WARNING: Do not read this message.

Chicken chicken: chicken chicken chickens chicken.

Grease proven healthy; turducken still disgusting.

Science proves and then kills God.

Satan defaults on mortgage; Hell foreclosed.

Mayor sleeps with reporter, avoiding scandal.

Added alliterative appeal attracts author's affection.

Catapult invented; nuclear bomb declared obsolete.

Don't look around. Fairies behind you.

Global peace treaty signed; generals bored.

Bored generals start war for amusement.

Disney movie frightens children; parents pleased.

No mercy. No mercy. No escape.

"Bullets can't hurt it!" "No shit!"

Expected returning boomerang. Got returning shark.

Wallet? Check. Keys? Check. Ghostbusters? Check.

Wanted hug. Got hug. Now what?

"Look, no hands!" After chainsaw? True.

Got mouse. Tail plugs in where?

On Tvtropes. Click. Click. Click. Help.

Discovered blood is salty. Thirsty now.

Can you replace my used cat?

Rain gone. Warm fog now. Bliss.

Have Tourette's. Sorry about hate speech.

Found your head. Inventing golf now.