Second poem to Bran

To you, cast adrift on the sea
Lost, and to the waves eternally
Bound, I send, however bleak, this assurance
That your legend stands, sure and sound.

For such a tale cannot be ignored;
You, the brave warrior, from your home lured
She, with silver branch in hand,
Draws you forever away from our land

For a hundred long years from Ireland you stray
Though in land of the Sidhe it seems only a day
Epic your voyage, though a sorrowful endeavour
For you're doomed to sail the high seas forever.

A curse upon She who led you astray;
Though Her world endures, the centuries decay
To ashes reduced he who sets foot ashore
Captured and doomed to sail evermore.

Yet despite your doom you're assured of your glory;
The whole Celtic world is proud of your story
We remember the tale of old Bran the Brave
Who sailed on his odyssey and was lost to the waves.