To whom this may concern,

Here's a lowdown on the hap happenings of this happening, skip to the end if you're lacking in ye'olde attention span.

This is, first and foremost, an attempt at writing.

You see, as a serial 'meh. I'll do it later' sort of person, I have never actually wrote something in its entirety. I've wrote, written, writed. But never have I been in the process of writing something. As in, the ongoing process of following a storyline or theme or train of thought exceeding one chapter/ essay length.

I think this is partly due to me being lazy and partly due to me being...well lazy again.

It's not like I don't have ideas, and characters, and little snapshots of awesome (or at least what I think to be) a lingering in my head. It's just that I get distracted really easy and think my writing is too lacking to do any of said ideas justice.

In an effort to change my dastardly ways, I have a created this.

What is this you may ask? Well, it will be an outlet of sorts updated every three days and composed of everything from daily musings and rages to one shots. Anything goes really.

Oh and out of necessity I'll set myself a time limit for the next update 'you have 15mins and 23 seconds to complete and post something' style, else I'll probably eat up time doing a whole lot of nothing. It'll be allll impulse impromptu writing baby. Huzzah.

Note, this is also about development, improvement, I've run out of synonyms. And as such, critiques telling me what you're hating, loving and laughing at would be much appreciated. More so, feel free to ruthlessly dissect my writing, point out my terrible grammar and generally have a rage fest field day. Chances are it will leave me a disgruntled ball of stubborn angriness, but what needs a changing has to be made obvious first; thus my writing is yours for the taking. Yarr.

In short, this is just an attempt by an unmotivated author wannabe to improve her barely there skills, develop some discipline and just fucking write.



Talking shop: I feel obliged to do the whole '.rawr' thing. So here it goes.

Copy/steal/duplicate any of my work and I'll break your face. Well, I probably won't be doing the breaking, but I will call in the big guns and they'll sue you so fast your face will break when your jaw hits the floor.

...although, there isn't really much to copy/steal/duplicate as of yet.

Next write time: 10 minutes