Haha, I found this on my USB. It's a very old story, so I probably have some spelling mistakes, but the dictionary on my computer is fucked up..

It was a sunny day. There were almost no clouds in the sky and the wind blew softly through the trees. Waves hit the shore. Making the boats in dock move. There wasn't many of these perfect days in Crystalline. The humans in the city and the magicians in the Guild didn't have any problems with the rainy days either, but the people in the slums had. There were always thieves around, so you really couldn't go out with much valuables on you.

The magicians had found an answer to that, too, but you had to be a magician to do it. You simply made your money and other valuables invisible. Because of their magic, many people was pretty jealous at the magicians. They were respected because they worked as a kind of police, but there were many that wished they had magic in their veins.

Actually, there were quite a few that had magic in their blood, but mostly it was so weak that it never surfaced. You had to have exceptionally strong magic if you wanted it to awaken without help.

In the Guild, there were only one magician whose power had awoken on its own. He was quite strong, and many magicians were afraid that he one day would try to take over the Guild with power alone. Not that he wanted to. The only thing he wanted was to be normal. That was the reason he had sealed a bit of his power away somewhere. He couldn't remember where. Somewhere inside himself, he thought. His name was Faye. He had always been very slender, with porcelain-white skin, long cream-coloured hair and a pair of light-violet eyes. All in all, he looked like a fragile humansized porcelain doll. Which he was often teased about. He was only 18 years old, and he was really shy. It had taken the Guild's High Lord three years to gain his full trust.

Even so, Faye didn't regret joining the Guild. He used his powers to help people from the city. The slumdwellers nearly never showed up in the city at all. The city-guards usually chased them off. He had always wondered why, but he had never gotten an answer to his questions. That was about to change. Even if Faye didn't know it himself yet. Nobody knew.

In the slums, everything went by as usual. The vendors from the city didn't take very much money, but they took so that many dwellers lost most of their earnings. That was what the thieves tried to hinder by stealing food instead of buying. Many of the vendors had now realized this and let the prize on their goods become lower, but there were many who didn't care.

The leader of a little group of thieves was named Hazue. He was around 23 years old, strongly built, had tanned skin and long black hair, causing him to look mysterious. He also had a pair of bright golden eyes, giving him a very wild look. He wasn't the type to just sit by and watch if any of his comrades got hurt. Then he would stand against the person responsible and kill him. If it was a girl, he would just ravish her, before letting someone else take her.

For the moment, Hazue laid his plans for getting some of the dwellers safe up into the city. He hadn't gotten any good ideas, not from his comrades and not from his own head. It seemed to be impossible, but he wasn't about to give up. Never in Hell! He placed his head in one hand, thinking hard. They had to get past the guards, that much was easy, but then they had to get past the magicians, not so easy.

After a couple of hours of thinking, he came up with a plan. It was risky, but it was the best they had. And they had to strike tonight. Or else it would be too late. The men gathered, then they started on their mission.

Past the guards went smoothly. They were all asleep in their small watch-huts. Hazue grinned wickedly and waved the others after him.

Then, there was the magicians. They had to stop several times because of one of the cursed magic-users. It went well until the thieves had gotten the dwellers in, and they should go back. By then, someone had heard them, and warned both magicians and guards. They were waiting so that the thieves couldn't get back into the slums. In other words, they had to fight.

The fight started. Hazue lost his reason when he saw four of his comrades taken down and captured without mercy within two minutes of the fight. Curse their magic! They were always so bloody quick to use it! Then he noticed a guy wearing a magician's robe who kept his distance to the fight. He looked like a doll, a human-sized porcelain doll. He was just so cute. His appearance made Hazue want to hold him until he screamed, or broke. Hazue grinned, then lashed out towards the person. He managed to avoid two of the magic-strikes, and came up in front of the little doll. Only to confront a glowing fireball. It seemed like the boy wasn't as helpless as he had thought.

Nevertheless, Hazue ducked under the fireball, startling the boy, and slammed his hand into the youth's quite exposed neck. He lost conciousness imediately, and fell silently into Hazue's open arms.

Hazue took his leave in the chaos. Many of his comrades had been caught, but some remained. They had already reached their hiding place in the slums. And they were very curious about the youth magician. It was the first time Hazue had ever brought home something else than a girl. They grinned as they patted his shoulder and he lifted an eyebrow. That quickly sent them scurrying home to their own houses.

Hazue went home, too. He was tired, but had to tie the magician up somewhere. His house seemed perfect. He had several rooms and a cellar. In the cellar there had always been a little prison. Right now, it was empty. Just perfect! He opened one of the doors, and lay his young prisoner on the small bed in the cell before he silently got out and locked the door. Now all he had to do was to wait.

Faye woke up. His neck hurt pretty bad and his sight was blurry. The first thing he did was to call upon a little healing-magic to ease the pain and restore his sight. Then he looked around.

It looked like a prison of some kind. Probably underground since it had no windows and a staircase stood in one corner. The bars in the door looked solid and sturdy. He had no hope of getting out unless someone left the door unlocked. Or he blasted it open. He wasn't strong, but he was quite clever. He let his brain try to work out he came up with something good, he heard the stairs creak. He glanced towards it.

A man, maybe around 23 years old, stood on the bottom of the staircase. A sly smile on his face. As he walked towards the cell, Faye crept closer to the wall until he couldn't get further back. He didn't like the stranger. He could remember waiting for his fellow magicians, since he himself did not indulge in violence, and one of the thieves had lashed out at him. Then he could remember that thief dodge his fireball and a sharp pain in his neck before his memory blacked out. He shuddered.

Hazue grinned. He had always thought scared people was amusing, but this guy was just extremely cute when fear coloured his face. The way he backed away and seemed frustrated when he didn't get any farther was just too cute! He stopped in front of the door and crossed his arms.

«So, you've woken up, I see. Name?» The youth clamped his mouth shut and refused to talk. Hazue lifted an eybrow. Well, it was to be expected. Most prisoners refused to talk, but it didn't seem like this boy had ever been in this kind of situation. He unlocked the door, stepped in, and locked the door behind him. The youth pressed his back into the wall. Like he was hoping that a hole was going to open so that he could disappear. Hazue smirked, stopped right in front of him, grabbing his chin and thus forcing the boy to look him in the face. He averted his eyes and tried to yank his head out of Hazue's hand.

Faye tried to get away from the man. It was pretty impossible. It seemed like he knew where he would try to tilt his head. He began to feel really frustrated. His hands flew up, and he started to think out a spell.

Hazue used his other hand to grip the youth's wrists tightly. He yanked them out of the way, so that he wouldn't suddenly get a blast of magic in his face. He twisted them to punish the youth, and he cried out. To Hazue, it sounded sweet.

«Name?» The youth bit his lip again. This time, Hazue began to feel a bit irritated at the stubborn refusal to answer. He gripped tighter on the kid's jaw. The youth winced in pain.

«Answer me, will you?! I want your name!» The youth flinched. He was really scared. Hazue sighed angrily, but he didn't let go of the youth's jaw.

Faye had no hope of getting away. His hands were caught and the thief in front of him held his face in a really tight grip. He had no other option than to be obedient and answer. He opened his mouth to speak and the thief's eyes narrowed. He seemed a bit worried that Faye would cast a spell or something.

«F—Faye..» He managed to stammer forth. The thief nodded. He seemed pleased.

Hazue smiled. He had finally gotten the youth to answer. Now all he had to do was to keep that going. He let go of the kid's jaw.

«Faye, huh? That name fits you. What kind of magician are you?» Faye stared. His jaw may have been released, but his hands were still restrained. He couldn't show the thief his magic either, so he couldn't heal himself.

«Um... I can heal, but I'm not very good at fighting, and I have the powers to influence the elements.» Hazue was truly amused. This youth really wasn't as useless as he had thought. He couldn't afford to be careless, so he would have to drug him. Just to be sure that Faye didn't blast his way out. He grinned and let go of Faye's wrists. Then he hit him hard enough to be sure he was unconcious when he went to get the drug.

When he returned, Faye was slowly regaining conciousness. He had put a hand to his forehead and tried to steady himself. Hazue grabbed his head, pulled it backwards, and put the drug (in the form of liquid) into his mouth, forcing Faye to swallow.

Faye collapsed on the bench. His head hurt and he had just been forced to take something that tasted strange. In his medical studies he had been reading about it, in the book even the taste was written down. It was morphine. He began to feel drowsy. He knew he would be conscious, but in this drugged up state, he couldn't refresh himself with healing-magic. He had never tried to use magic in an inebriated state.

«Urgh! W—why?» He managed to utter. The thief just looked at him with a superior look. He was grinning.

«So that you can't attack me, nor blast yourself out. As easy as that.» Faye stared at him. It took a while before the words with their full meaning sank in. When the haze lifted, he looked horrified.

«You mean I have to stay here? How long?» Hazue just laughed. This youth amused him.

«Yes, you have to stay, not that you have much of a choice like that. How long? That, I don't know.» Faye fumed with anger. He couldn't believe this thief. Then he tried to calm himself. He knew that if he got really angry, the seal on his powers would break. The thing he didn't know, however, was that if he took drugs or drank alcohol, that same seal would weaken. If he took the drugs, or drinks, several times over several weeks, the seal would completely dissolve.

Hazue left the door unlocked as he went out. He was going to get a blanket or something. He wasn't tired anymore, but Faye seemed like he could use a bit of non-forced sleep.

He got back and put the blanket gently over the magician. He had already fallen asleep. He didn't snore. Nor did he mumble in his sleep. If Hazue hadn't seen his chest moving, he would have thought him to be dead.

Hazue sat down on the edge of the little bench. When Faye woke up, he would have to throw in a mattress. If Faye learned to obey him, and to fight with him instead of against him, Hazue would move him up from the cellar and stop giving him morphine or other drugs. He hoped it would be soon.

He let his hand gently carress Faye's cheek. It wasn't cold and hard at all, like the look said, but soft and warm. Hazue sighed deeply, and rose from the bed. He had some stuff to finish upstairs, so he could do it now rather than later.

When he got up from the cellar, he heard the magicians running around in the streets. Possibly searching for Faye. But, what use could they have for the youth? He had confessed that he wasn't any good in fighting. He shook his head, closed the lid down to the cellar and covered it neatly with a rug and a shabby-looking closet. No one would ever think to look under there, the closet was full of old clothes and a couple of knives, which all dwellers needed to have in their possession.

Hazue sat down behind the table. He pretended to be reading a book when the magicians came and knocked on the door. He answered it, trying to look surprised.

He was surprised when he opened the door. Four full-robed magicians stood there, all looking grim. He calmed himself, but he felt a very tiny voice inside himself panicking. He swallowed, then spoke.

"Can I help you?" He tried to keep his voice polite. He thought he was going to gag. One magician stepped forward.

"Yes, we're looking for a magician, a youth. He's around 18 years old, with long, cream-colored hair and light-violet eyes, he's going by the name Faye. Have you seen him?" So, it was Faye they were looking for. Hazue shook his head.

"No, sorry, but I haven't seen him. Has he done something?" The magicians sighed, then shook their heads. They turned and went to the next house. Hazue closed the door and let out the breath he had been holding. They didn't suspect him at all! It was just a search! But still, why did they search for a next-to-useless kid? It seemed strange that the Guild would spend precious time looking for a youth magician, who were not good at fighting.

Oh, well. It wasn't Hazue's buissness. He only went in a secret door in the house, so that he didn't have to remove the closet again, and went down to the cellar. Faye still hadn't woken up, so he sat down on the little bench inside the cell. He looked at the magician's sleeping face and felt his heart throb. He really liked this boy. Faye was different from all the other guys in the slums, and from all the women he had ravished. Many of them were very cute, but Faye was cuter than them all with his looks as a porcelain doll. Hazue smiled to himself. Then he bent down and kissed the youth carefully on the forehead. He rolled over, mumbling softly, his eyes trying to open. Hazue caressed the magician's face and the youth's eyes fluttered open. They were still heavy with sleep.

"Just sleep some more if you want to. I'm not going to wake you up." Faye looked at Hazue with sleepy eyes. He hadn't thought that the thief could be gentle... He lay down again. This time, Hazue placed Faye's head in his lap, gently stroking his hair. Faye closed his eyes, happy for the warmth Hazue's body gave off.

Hazue combed through Faye's hair as the youth slept, as he had every night for around two months when he was sure the younger had fallen into deep slumber. He was so cute. That sleeping, defenseless face nearly made Hazue loose his reason and jump the kid. He knew, however, that the only reason Faye had let him come so close was because he was drugged and he was sleepy. He sighed. If only Faye wasn't so scared of people. It seemed like the kid was afraid of humans, he wasn't sure of why. It puzzled him, but he didn't think too much about it.

Faye woke up again. He wasn't sure about how long he had slept, but he was still in Hazue's lap, his hair being combed gently. He looked up, and found the thief watching him. Faye shook the sleep from his head and sat up very quickly. He pressed his back to the wall, trying to get away from the thief.

Hazue chuckled and reached out to Faye. He was careful to hold his movements slow, unthreatening. The boy shrunk away. He was really scared.

"Why are you so afraid of humans? It seems like you're dead-scared of completely regular people." Faye stared at him. He had tears in his eyes. It made him look so cute! Like a little, scared puppy or kitten. Hazue slowed his movements and touched Faye very lightly on his leg. The youth trembled in fear as he did.

"Humans have always tried to kill me! I think the reason is my powers, but even the Guild has tried to dispose of me some times!" He looked away and tried to yank his leg away. It didn't succeed. Hazue pulled him down and touched his chest, holding him down. Now, Faye began to feel desperate. He wanted to scream, to thrash out, just to get the man holding him down off.

"Be still! I'm not going to hurt you. I only want you to understand that I'll not kill you, I'm not dangerous. I just want to keep you here." Faye still trembled and cried, but he didn't try to escape anymore, so he had to trust Hazue a little bit. "And by the way, as long as you're here, you're safe. I won't let anyone take you from me. Okay?" The youth nodded. It was clear that he didn't trust Hazue completely yet, but he had started the prossess of trusting another person.

Faye remembered the feeling he had. He felt like he could trust the thief. Up until now, he had only trusted the Guild's leader. It could be nice to trust someone else, too. Faye smiled faintly, but he didn't stop shivering.

Hazue pulled his hands away. He didn't want the youth to associate him with something scary. Faye gulped and his eyes begged Hazue to keep his distance. Hazue smiled reassuringly and placed his hands on his knees.

"Thank you. Keep away, please..." His voice broke several places. He was still afraid. Hazue smiled, he looked a little pained.

"I will, there's no reason for you to be afraid of me anymore, okay?" Faye sniffed and nodded silently. "Good boy." Hazue stood up and left the little cell. When he got up to the house, he slumped against the wall. He hadn't expected to give in to the youth, but at least, it didn't seem like he had to drug him anymore. He smiled to himself. Why in the bloody world had he given in to a youth? And a magician on top of everything! He let out a laugh.

Faye looked at the stairs the thief had just walked up. He wondered what the second floor was like. The drugs' effect was about to wear off, and Faye felt a little burst of magic slip from him. He swallowed hard as he saw the blanket and little bench go up in flames. He reatreated back to the opposite wall. It was searing hot, and Faye let out a little yelp.

Hazue heard the yelp, and lifted his head from his hands. When he came down, the bench in the cell were burning well. Faye stood pressed up against the wall. His lips moved, so it seemed like he thought of something.

Faye finished the spell for calling water, and a gentle stream slowly dissolved the flames. the bench was already charred, but at least there were no more flames. He let out a relieved sigh.

"What was that?" Faye spun around. He hadn't heard Hazue come in.

"Um, I really don't know... I felt something slip, and the cell burst out in flames. I didn't intend to cause any trouble for you..." Faye stared at the floor, and Hazue couldn't help but cross the gap and throw his arms around him. The youth flinched, and started to struggle wildly. Hazue strengthened his grip and held him down.

"Relax, I won't hurt you. Trust me." Faye looked at him with tearstained eyes. He was extremely cute.

Hazue felt his head pop. He didn't stop to think before he bent down, and lightly pressed his lips to Faye's. The youth stopped breathing because of shock.

"Oh! Sorry!" Hazue let him go, and backed away. Faye just stood there, frozen, with his slender fingers touching his pink lips. He looked up, terror and confusion reflected in his eyes. He didn't take his hand away, but Hazue moved slightly closer and touched the arm that he didn't use.

"W, why did you.. do that?" Faye seemed to have come out of his shocked state at Hazue's touch. He looked at the thief, wondering just what in the world had happened.

"I...didn't think. You were just a bit too cute for me to hold onto my reasoning, and I ended up kissing you." Hazue looked away, but he didn't let go of the young magician. To his surprise, Faye didn't try to swat his hands away. "If you don't like me, you better say it clearly now." Faye swallowed.

"Um...I don't actually dislike you, but I don't know how I feel about your personality..." He looked up shyly. The way his eyes seemed to glow through his lashes was adorable. Hazue pulled him to his chest.

"Man, you're really cute. I don't think I can help myself if you're going to look like that." Hazue kissed him again, pressing a hand onto the back of his head.

"Mmf..mm..." Faye mumbled. He was bright red in his face, but he didn't try to get away at all. Instead, he grabbed hold of Hazue's sweater, and clung almost desperately to it as his knees gave out. Hazue slipped a hand around his waist, and held him upright without breaking the kiss.

Hazue released Faye, and the youth sighed sweetly. He blushed violently. Hazue chuckled and hugged him tightly.

"You're really cute. That was your first?" Faye nodded shyly. He still clung to Hazue. The youth averted his eyes, and Hazue grabbed his chin and tilted his head, forcing the youth to look into his eyes.

"You sure say embarrasing things..." Faye stared at the thief. He was handsome, Faye knew that, and he could feel himself falling for him. He wanted to help him, make himself useful in a way.

Hazue just laughed. He supported Faye up the passage to the house. When they got up, he placed the youth down on the sofa. Hazue sat down beside him, and pulled him in.

Faye suddenly found himself sitting on top of Hazue's lap. As the thief's arms encircled his waist and back, Faye automatically wrapped his own arms around his neck, seeking something to hold onto, knowing Hazue would kiss him or touch him in one way or another.

"So cute..." Hazue stroked Faye's back and side until he reached the magician's nipples. They were still covered by fabric, but that didn't stop him from rubbing them. The youth jolted and bit his lip.

He smiled and let his hand glide down under Faye's robe from the neckline. As he pinched the youth's nipples, he licked his jaw and down his neck. Causing Faye to shiver violently, and let out more moans. The young man streched his hands out behind him and clutched at Hazue's shirt.

Hazue pulled away from Faye. The youth slept contently. With a glance at the magician, he slipped out into the streets, determined to find some other clothes for Faye to use. His robes would be too obvious when the guild searched.

After about an hour of searching, he found a small, discreet shop that could have something fitting. Slipping in the front door, he made an appointment with the owner to come back in the evening. He seemed ok with the fact that his next customer was a magician.

"You have him, he's safe to do bussiness with." Was everything he said. Hazue nodded to him, smiling, and ran back to house. He entered at the same time as Faye started to stir. He sat down on the edge, and pulled the sleepy youth into his lap. Faye smiled at him.

"How are you feeling, love?" Faye blushed, and sat up half way, leaning into Hazue's chest. The thief laced their fingers together lovingly.

"Sore, what did you think?" Hazue laughed. He hugged the younger one tightly, and pulled him completely into his lap.

"I don't know. Never been bottom before." Faye punched him playfully in the shoulder. "Hey! Don't hit me." They settled down, Faye with his head resting in the crook of Hazue's neck, gazing happily into his eyes. Hazue placed his hands on the youth's stomach, caressing it softly. Faye giggled, laid his hands on top of Hazue's.

"So, are we an item?" The thief laughed. He hugged Faye tighter before standing, leading the magician out of bed,

"Yep, at least by my own standars. Now, we're going to get you some new clothes. Your robes will stand out too much." Faye nodded, and took his hand. The thief walked him out of the house, both smiling contently. Another thief stood on the outside, looking a bit worried.

"What is it?" Hazue pulled Faye to his chest, laying his chin on the top of his head. The other thief stared.

"Ehh... The magicians're searching the city, and even though they've been here, they're coming back again. Anything happened?" Hazue frowned, then looked down.

Faye bit his lip. His fellow magicians must have sensed the burst of magic from earlier. He leaned closer to the thief.

"I think they sensed my little slip-up earlier..." Hazue exhaled deeply before taking off running towards the tailor, dragging Faye behind him with the other thief at the rear. He knew that he would have to find another house to hide in. Now that the magicians knew where in the slums they had resided, they couldn't go back there.

They turned a corner, and slipped into the tailor's shop through the back door. The man turned around, a bit surprised, before grinning at Faye. While Hazue found the fabric and design, he started measuring the young man. He was of a slender build, not very tall, and he had very fair skin. But the hair was what caught the most of his attention; long, a beautiful creamy colour. Anyone would've been entranced by the little porcelain doll that Hazue had brought home with him.

"This one. The shirt should be white with a black trim, and the trousers beige. As for shoes; brown." The tailor looked up. The outfit that had been picked out would fit perfectly. He nodded quietly, and hurried out. It would only take a few hours, so he signaled to the thief and his company that they should sit down in the chairs in front of the shop.

Hazue noticed that Faye looked around. It seemed like he was a tad uncomfortable, so he sat down close to him. The youth rose before moving to stand beside the thief. He shrugged, stretched out an arm, and dragged Faye into his lap, wrapping his arms securely around him. Faye immediatley placed his head on his shoulder. He hadn't said a thing since they entered the shop.

"Something wrong? You're so quiet." He started stroking Faye's hair, and the magician closed his eyes. He trembled softly.

"It's my fault that you have to move... I know how difficult it is to find a decent house in the slums.." He sounded a bit broken. Hazue kissed his neck gently, reassuringly. Faye loosened up a little, but it was clear that he still blamed himself, but he hadn't had any control over it.

"Nah... It was a rundown house, so I probably would have moved within the month, anyway. Better now than never." He nuzzled Faye's neck affectionately. The young man smiled gently and tilted his head to the side so that Hazue could attack it more viciously, chuckling.

Faye yawned. He hadn't noticed when he had fallen asleep in Hazue's lap, but now the thief was rousing him gently. He opened one of his eyes, and looked straight into his love's golden ones.

"Come on. The tailor wants you to try your clothes." He nodded, and walked to the dressing room, both other men on the other side. The pants weren't too tight to get his legs in, and the rest fit perfectly. "You done, Faye?"

"Yeah..." He brushed the curtains aside as he stepped out. The tailor nodded to himself, while Hazue stared in a way that made Faye believe his eyes would pop out. He stopped, and looked pointedly at the thief, who managed to close his mouth and pull himself together.

"You look good in those.." It was the second before he started drooling. Man, he needed a tissue. Finding one, he turned back to Faye, who had raised an eyebrow at him and glared in a playfull manner. Hazue just grinned, crossed the room in a few strides, and picked his magician up, resting his head on his stomach.

Faye startled, and started laughing. What Hazue did wasn't very thief-like, and it seemed his companion drew same conclusion. He cleared his throat loudly, and Hazue sat him down, looking dejectedly at the other thief.

"So, how do you think the clothes are?" The tailor intervened before it came to an argument. Faye and Hazue turned to him, forgetting about the thief behind them.

"We'll take them. How much?" The man tallied up his prize, and they paid. When they left the store, Hazue was holding on to Faye's hand, the magician resting his head on the thief's shoulder.

"Tired?" Faye looked up, confused. It hadn't been that long since he had slept, how could he be tired now?

"Not really... You've been up most of the night and the day, you should be more tired that me.." Hazue just laughed at his lover's words.

"Guess I should... Well, anyway; househunting!" He said it so enthusiasticly that Faye began laughing with him. They leaned on eachother as they walked down the street, the thief still wary.

"Faye?" Hazue searched through the small house. It had been around a month since the young magician caused them to move out. The house he owned now was a bit bigger, and was closer to the city than before. The Guild had continued to search for him, but now they seemed to be giving up.

Faye walked through the small park in the slums. He had unknowingly been crushing a binding on his powers, so he was now much more powerful than he had been. Not that anyone had noticed yet, and he preferred to keep it that way. He sat down on the grass, watching the birds fly through the sky.

"There you are.." Hazue peered at the younger male. He had seen him by chance when he decided to go outside to look for him. Faye smiled softly, and rose. Hazue took his hand and led him back inside.

There, that was Magician and Thief.. Ghe, I suck at titles..... Anyway, I thought I'd say that this story actually happens over several months, but it may not be very clear from the text.