Made: Thursday, April 15, 2010

Time: 8:53a.m

Fear is something we all know

Through it we will someday go

It chills us to the very bone

Especially when it is unknown

We always live so carefree

Until we meet something scary

In story books, there are heroes

Masked vigilantes from tales of old

They save the victim in peril

Then hide away for more thrills

But where's the hero nowadays?

Hiding in his guilty always

Because when you get backed into a wall

Go ahead and scream and call

No one will show to save your hide

The spot remains empty at your side

Irrational fears do no exist

There's always a reason for all of it

Some fears are commonly shared

While some are not mentioned, not even dared

Fearless, you call yourself?

I scoff at the man without

A sense of sense at all

You will surely fall

Brave is not the term for you

Even the brave have fear, too

But the one who claims to have no fear

Holds his secrets dear and near

He fears the world in reality

With lies he speaks maliciously

One who has no fear to say

Is on who fears e'en the light of day

But does this make you wiser?

To be life's length and sizer

Is this what the world's come to?

Everyone so fears the truth

Or, maybe, sir, you are correct

To keep this secret so well kept

From the world and its people

Scared of the lies come from the steeple

However, they are not to blame

Maybe, though, they walk with shame

Because when they're caught in that corner

They're all alone with no savior

This makes you and I alike

Something you can not fight

Oh well, I tell you in dismay

You will find your fear someway

Anyone can hold back their tears

But everyone has something to fear.