First off, in Kiley's perspective, school sucked. Along with all the mean, snobby, picky teachers like Mr. Grover. He taught science and was always picking on everyone. When he made fun of someone, and someone else says, "that's not nice," he just replies, "at least I'm honest. Would you like it if I was lying to you?" And more of his crap. He also expects everyone to know everything. Even if he never taught it. Science; not a very good class.

Neither was math. Everyone knows they hate math. But, Mrs. Harbeck, she loses everything!And as nice as she may be, she lost three pieces of Kiley's work and put a B+ for her grade for the third quarter. So Kiley had to do all the extra credit over the weekend and now is hoping to get an A. She can't get any lower or she'll get grounded and move schools.

Every other class was okay. She also was suffering from boyfriend-stolen-from-best friend. Or the other way around. But they ended up breaking up and now Kiley has no idea what was going on. But, she did know that her friends were awesome and her parent were awesome.

Secondly, Kiley's inside personality, is very overwhelming. She doesn't like to talk about it, so when she's sad, she tries to look happy anyway. And when she's angry, she acts okay and like it wasn't a big deal. All in all, Kiley liked to look like a little angel, even though she might be a stressed up little devil inside. Even all her friends don't know the real her.

"Kiley, are you okay?"

Kiley looked up from her diary. Her best friend, Courtney, was staring at her, half-asleep from her bed. Kiley quickly closed her diary.

"Yes, I'm fine. Sorry I didn't wake you up. You looked a little exhausted last night so, I wanted to let you sleep in a little."

They both looked at the clock that said it was about ten in the morning. Courtney stretched and practically rolled off her bed. Kiley laughed while Courtney plopped on the floor.

"You should have woken me up earlier. We could have done something. What time did you wake up anyway?" Courtney asked.

Kiley replied, "Well, last time I looked at the clock was at nine-thirty. So I probably woke up around nine. But don't worry; I was reading some of your manga and just played on the computer. Facebook and stuff."

Courtney mouthed an 'O' and then got up on her feet, she walked to the door and stopped. Turning back at Kiley (who was staring at her diary again, half in a daze), she asked,

"What do you want for breakfast?"

Kiley really didn't care. She never did. If a friend fed her a food she would eat it anyway. Even if it was disgusting, she ate it, to be polite. She also hated wasting the food. When she ate it, it would hurt her stomach and want to make her puke; but she manages to swallow and shiver instead.

"Whatever you're having is fine," she finally said.

Courtney rolled her eyes. She always said that. Then she went to get her mom to make chocolate chip pancakes.

Kiley watched her leave the room and sighed. She didn't really like chocolate chip pancakes, but was going to eat them anyway. She would probably have extras if she could. But she bet by the last bite of the pancake, she was going to pass out.

Luckily, she didn't. She managed to gulp down the last piece. When Courtney's sister, Katie (to her friends), came in with her friend, Bronwyn, we all went down to watch a movie. They chose 2012 and pushed it into the DVD player.

Kiley thought she was going to scream. She loved- hated horror- ish movies. Especially this one. She was so skeptic and panicy about the whole world ending story. But sadly, everyone else was laughing their butts off and making fun of it. By the end of the movie, Kiley's favorite character was the dog and was praying to the directors that they let the dog survive. Thankfully, it did, but the owner of the doggie drowned. That owner also had a kid with her, but she pushed the kid and dog over the door before it shut, trapping herself in.

After Courtney persuaded Kiley that 2012 was never going to happen, Kiley's mom showed up at the door and asked for Kiley to hurry up. Kiley ran out the door and told Courtney to text her later. When they left she went back to her room and sat on the bed. Her head started to hurt really bad and her back felt like it was going to burst. She plopped on her bed and stared at the ceiling.

Oh Kiley, She thought, sometimes you are just too girly. Try and be a little more brave please? And don't be afraid to step up to the plate once in a while; if you try to at least meet new people, like Bronwyn, you'd be less... quiet...