I do love you, you know.

That's a stupid feeling, you shrug away.

I'm sorry.

Join us in the coveted dance of misery.
We have no set tempo; bring your own drinks also.
I'll kiss your cheek as you spin beside me.

I guess I should hate you.

Unbelievable, you remark sarcastically.

I'm sorry.

Head over heels, isn't that the usual way of it?
A heel over head makes quite more sense.
I haven't been drinking again, I swear.

I don't think I have the heart to.

Would you make up your mind already?

I'm sorry.

A day with you shows me imaginary things.
Paper cranes can fly paper airplanes only crash.
I've learned paper is good for drugs too.

So, then, I do love you.

It's still stupid.

I'm sorry.

We played with a deck of Pokémon cards.
Gin rummy is better when Pikachu wins.
Another sip for good old' Charizard.

These are my feelings.

Get new ones.

I'm done apologizing.