He sat staring out at the wind whistling through the trees, the air made no sound but the waves that pushed it resounded in his ears. Nearby a dove called out, singing its praise to the world. A crack played into his ear and he turned his head slowly, looking for the silent steps. Standing quaintly was a small girl, a tight green dress covering her arms and neck, flowing down into the soft dirt. Her straight black hair flew down over her back, dropping to her hips. He stared directly into her depth of purple eyes as she stood there with an age further than her twelve years, her eyes driving into the boy.

She in turn sought out the boy, spreading her eyes over his figure. He sat, back pushed against the tree, dappled brown hair spread unruly over his head. His stained clothes held rips and tears of dirt. She didn't think twice about his black eyes, gazing into hers. Unlike the girl he seemed as if he had only just passed his sixteen years.

They waited, relinquishing silent knowledge throughout the air, sharing unknown secrets that called out with song.

He rose, dusting raw dirt off his already stained clothes, never blinking from the pools of purple. He stepped towards her, trying to hide his precarious steps.

She glanced at his steps and instantly saw his silent message. He was afraid.

He saw her glance and instantly saw her silent message. She knew.

They paced together, a foot apart, feet bounding over the earth in perpetual uniform. If they broke the conformity and looked back they would've seen no unbroken dirt from their voiceless steps. But there was no need to look back, for what was there to look for? They need not bother with the moulded grass, whose shaped stalks held past secrets of unaccountable triumphs and failures. Nor the wooden trees whose trunks grew to meet the clouds above.

They heeded every step they paced eyeing the future of their travels. Each step they took placed another secret into the others mind slowly bringing forward unknown pasts and futures.

After many hours of silent passing they quickly noticed the slight changes in their ambience. The grass wound higher, showing its darker tone. The trees were diminishing, showing their bright top leaves. Although they took in every minute piece they did not shift their pace nor pause the flow of knowledge that passed through their ingenuous minds.

Then together they slowed, still keeping in time, but taking longer to move each foot from the ground.

Throughout their travels he had slowly eased his mind, becoming less afraid of the future. As the girls past and future flowed unto him, he had learnt about her nature and knew that she would not hurt him but nor would she keep him safe.

She felt his fear and as his mind ticked over his thoughts she accepted them, touching on his fear; embracing what she had never felt.

They did not falter in their steps nor their silent passing, not one thing made them stop for they had no need to.

They felt it before they saw it. The dry heat of empty plains, the vapidness of life. They rounded the corner and before them lay the dusty sheets of sand, tumbling into eternity.

They faltered at the edge of trees, feet unmoving on the dirt.

Their unplanned goal balanced throughout the horizon, bringing the scent of emptiness and a new beginning.

Then, once again in unity, they stepped forward and brought their futures into the same light. As they stepped the girls dress, once green, transformed into a sandy yellow, bringing the dust to life. Again they walked sharing secrets, lightening their pasts.

Suddenly the boy stopped and turned his ragged body towards their farewell. The trees, standing solid in the silent air. The grass, swiping with the wind. The path, no prints embedded in the dirt. And as he traced the path to the sand he noticed the colours with which the two terrains held. The green musk of earth, the dry dust of sand. As he stared a quiet thought entered his mind which flowed smoothly to the girl.

Clashing with Harmony.