The boy felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to come face to the girl, a smile touching her face. Her purples eyes showed sorrow for his past loss and he knew that she was truly sorry.

He stared out at his new destination and began to pace away from his old life. As they stepped he continued to pass knowledge to the girl, but now, as she gathered his life, he released it. Every thought he threw to her, he forgot, planting them in the back of his memory, the place where no one goes. And the girl took the thoughts, remembering them for when he wanted to reminisce.

They paced quickly through the sand, leaving no imprint on the windswept plains. No green marked the millions of grains, no animal scuttled across the barren earth.

But though little life invaded their wake, they still noticed every detail. The way the hill curved to form a perfect agglomeration, each iota in exact place.

And now they turned their slight attention to the cloudless sky where no bird dared fly. The even tone of blue swam through the sky, following the horizon.

The girl was unsurprised at the thoughts that flowed into her mind, the things the boy had seen and done, the things he wanted to forget. As the sand sailed around them, his thoughts like, the sand, sailed to her, sweeping deep into eternity.

Over many hills they stepped, passing with each step a new loss built with a gain.

Upon a mould they came, eyeing the hill with theoretical certainty, without pausing their barrage of histories.

They effortlessly lugged themselves above the dune and saw before them, their final goal.

Before them lay a reprise from the humid dunes. A vast blue spread to the edges of the horizon, slowly lapping at the sand, a cool wind vibrating from its depths onto their faces.

They continued to walk until they came to the very edge of where the water lapped the sand. There they stopped taking in the coolness of the sea and the vastness of which they had walked. And once again a thought came to the boy's mind which flowed smoothly to the girl.

Clashing with harmony.

The girl turned to him and he repeated her actions, turning to face her placid face. A nod by her and he reached out and clasped her unexpectedly cold hand.

Together they stepped in unison, entering the cold depths of the blue, the girl feeling her dress grow heavy, the boy feeling the coolness against his skin.

The depths welcomed them, encompassing their bodies, covering them in its watery wake.

And as the boy thought about the girl, he realised the differences between them which had brought them together and a thought came to his mind which, for the last time, flowed smoothly to the girl.

Clashing with harmony.