Hey guys!

Told you I'd have the short stories up soon!

These are the stories between the stories.
Chaos Reunition takes place 3 months after Sweet Miseria and these are the little events that happen in between.
They are random. Some are very short, some are long, some are even connected.

Also, if you have a prompt idea you want me to write, throw them out there!

The short stories will keep coming until Chaos Reunition is FINISHED.

Thanks and enjoy!


It'd been raining for a good while, maybe a few hours, but it was refreshing. Autumn was turning into winter and I could feel it along my skin as I sat on the porch, moist air clinging to me.

Week one of living with Jack was a new experience. I used to spend the night at his house all the time when I was a trainee, but this was different. I was actually living with him. At times he would hover, making sure I could handle walking around with my cast. Other times, he didn't seem to know how to deal with me.


I sat back on the cushioned bench, sweatpants rolled up to my calf so the chilled air could cool me down. It was always quiet here. Jack's house was along the edge of the Northern Forest, about fifteen miles from the Pack House. Leon and the boys had actually cleared a large area of it for him and built the house, plumbing and all. It was private and no one was around to intrude.

Turns out that the Pack owned VD Construction Company. Leon, Tony, and Koda all ran. It was news to me.

The front door squeaked open and I glanced out the corner of my eye to see Jack walking out, pajama pants hanging off his hips and muscle shirt ruffled. He had been sleeping when I slipped out.

Blinking at me for a second, he glanced around at the rain pouring over the field before making his way over to sit beside me. His hair was sticking out every which way and I swallowed a laugh as I attempted to pat it down. It refused and I earned a glare from the half-awake Hunter.

"You've been out here for a while," he mumbled, stretching his arms and laying them along the back of the bench. I scooted closer to him and let his body heat warm me up a bit.

"I thought you were asleep."

"I was. I'm not use to having someone else in the house so I hear it every time you move around. Figured you weren't trying to escape with that cast on, but you didn't come back inside for a while," Jack let out a lawn and moved his arm to wrap around my shoulders.

"Sorry," I apologized and stared back out at the rain. He probably wasn't too happy with the weather. Two days ago he had washed the Ranger, detailing it and all. Now it was slowly sinking into the flooded grass. Poor guy.

We sat there in silence, the wind sprinkling my skin with water every now and then. I felt calmer around the rain and that was something I needed.

Tera had been right. I couldn't stop the damage PURE had caused. Barely a few weeks had passed and everything was chaotic. Anti-Hidden attacks were on the rise and the supernaturals weren't taking it lying down. Leon was having enough trouble.

The Dallas Massacres had left everyone a bit broken and fragile, me more so than the rest. I hadn't stopped the bad guys after all.

Jack sighed and rubbed his eyes with his free hand, "Are you going to tell me what's the matter or do I have to guess?"

"Why does something have to be the matter?" I replied, tracing a scar that wrapped around my ankle.

He chuckled and bumped my head with his, "Because I know you very well. The only time you are peaceful is when you're thinking too much to be a pain in the ass. Spill."

Hell, I wasn't that big of a loud mouth…

"To be honest, I think the fact that nothing is the matter is the problem."

Jack raised an eyebrow.

Probably thought I was crazy.

"Think about it. In just a few days, I moved to a new city, ran into Leon after three years, had to deal with the biggest case of my life, learned my father was some sort of Greek god who created the Vampires, figured out I was a bigger freak than I thought, and came a centimeter away from dying. Don't you think that I should, I don't know, be having a mental break down? But I'm not. I don't feel anything. I keep thinking I'm in some sort of prolonged shock, but nothing has changed…" I trailed off. This moment would have been a good time to have a breakdown.

Sighing, Jack hugged me tighter to him and tucked my head into his shoulder, resting his chin on top, "Nothing's wrong with you. People cope in different ways. As Hunters, we're use to dealing with extreme things. This is just your instinct kicking in."

"I don't think I should have an instinct that allows me to deal with traumatic situations easily," I grumbled, snuggling deeper. He was like a slightly hard pillow. Too much muscle to be soft, but at least he was warm.

"It comes with the territory," Jack chuckled, "Don't worry so much. You'll drive yourself crazy."

"Already there."

Silently, we sat there and watched the storm.


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