A/N; Title and summary provided by; Not Meant To Be-Theory Of A Deadman.

I hate how you press your lips to mine, even after I just destroyed your favourite photograph. On purpose. I love to rip your memories to shreds, and you love to watch. I break everything, because it reminds me of you. I smash it to pieces, I rip it apart, hell I'd have a bonfire if we had a yard. Many a time have you come home to one of my episodes, where I'm throwing your shit into the streets, tossing expensive electronics and irreplaceable keepsakes out of the window. Nothing I do can make you hate me, but oh how I try. I laugh at your tears, and kick you when you're down. I fantasize of your death, and then post it on the internet, making sure to leave it up where you can read. I bring your mood down, forcing you to drown in my own sorrow.

Did I mention how I hate that you kiss me? I want to destroy you, break you so badly nothing can repair you. I want you to lie on the floor in pieces, just like the photo. In fact I want you to be the photo, a memory, and nothing more. Don't you hear me? Die already! Give me the deliverance I so beg for. I'm on my knees, God smite thee. Your tongue grazes my lips each time we meet, you taste so foul, but I let you in. One more step to your heart, one more step until you're dead.

I will forgive, but I won't forget. Trust me love, I'll wash you clean. I thirst for your blood spilt across the floor. I'll sacrifice you for the greater good; I have no quarrels with society, fuck them if I am so wrong. I want to analyze your being, to see, to feel why. You trust me, you worthless being. I betray you, wretched thing, out of my sight! Why do you torment me so? I try so damn hard, and you always win. A silent war we hold dear, darling, darling! I want to destroy you! Give up, give in, I'm much too stubborn for your stupid antics to win me out.

I want to destroy you. So why the hell do I love you?