Made: Friday, April 16, 2010

Time: 9:05p.m

I want to know what it's like
To hold a gun to someone's head
To see the expression on their face
As I click off the safety

'Click' Safety
'Click' Deadly

I want to relish in their tears
That pathetic look contorted to fear
Oh, the fear on someone's face
Must be the most gorgeous thing in the world

Any last words?
So cliché

I want to hear them beg for life
For a chance to live another day
Then their loss of hope as I wander the room
Deciding who to choose first and how

No one bargains with death
I am your end

I want to smell the blood
And hear their screams of agony
As fear and panic fills their mind
Once they realize there is no escape

One shot for the fun
Two for the kill

I want them to know who did this
Not God, not Satan
Not the villain in a storybook
This is real, this is wondrous

It was me all along
Don't you ever forget that

I want to feel like a God
My hands would hold steady
My shark-tooth grin is the last thing they see
Then it would all be over

I hold the gun
I have the power here