It's your spotlight, not mine.

I'll stay here in the shadows, watching

Silently. Everything is yours. Everything

Is, was, and forever will be yours.

What is mine? Nothing is mine. I

Stand in the shadow of your spotlight,

A mere footnote in the book that is

Your life. I don't complain. I don't yell.

I cry myself to sleep at night, but no one

Hears. No one cares. This is your day.

These are all your days. None of them

Are mine. Who am I to wish for one of

My own? A day where I am noticed. A

Day where I stand in my own spotlight,

No longer ignored. People will cheer

For me, not for you. My name will be

In lights, not yours. One day, sister,

That's all I ask. One day to say

This is my spotlight, not yours.