For Amy the days bled from one into the other, and to soon she found herself back in Charlotte and at the top of many hunters hit list. She only felt comfort knowing that Charlie was with her, along with Kanika, Zeya, and the twins. They had insisted on coming to keep Amy safe, and give her support. Support was what she needed most. The moment they had all landed in Charlotte, Amy was escorted out of the airport by two serious looking hunters, dressed casually. The mini-pack had demanded to go along with Amy, and the escorts only conceded to keep from making a scene.

In their van, it was quite and tense, anyone could sense the distain rolling off the two hunters. Almost whispering, Amy asked, "Where are we going?" One of the hunters turned around, sneering, "Why the hell should you care? You're still guilty of killing someone." Amy visibly flinched, turning her head away, while Charlie set a hand on her good shoulder, Kanika giving a death glare to the vile woman, "You know in this country, there's a law that says we're all entitled to trial." The woman snorted, looking at Kanika with distance in the rear view mirror, "Shut your mouth bitch."

The moment the words left her mouth, the back of the van exploded with loud angry words, followed by angry words from the hunters. They continued in this verbal volley until Amy screamed, "STOP IT! EVERY ONE!" The van nearly stopped in the middle of the road, everyone staring at Amy, who was breathing heavily, "Every one stop it. Let's just get to where we're going. Please." Silence rang out louder than anything that could have been said. Amy simply rested her head on the window, watching lifelessly at the scenery going by, tugging the collar of her sweatshirt up to cover the heavy bandages on her shoulder and neck.

Eventually the van stopped in front of a building that was familiar. It was a night world court house. Amy had been there to testify in every arrest she had ever part taken in. Her hunter escorts got out of the van and yanked the door open. The female hunter would have grabbed Amy, if it wasn't for the threatening low growls coming from the five wolves. Instead Amy gave a polite smile, slipping out of the van and saying softly, "Thank you." Surprisingly the male hunter nodded, clearing his throat, "Please come with us now." Amy nodded, looking over her shoulder, "I know you probably don't want this, but they are going to insist on coming with me." The mini-pack nodded, everyone of them piling out of the van and standing around Amy.

The female rolled her eyes, while the male hunter nodded, "Of course." Amy swallowed, almost wanting to cry, "Thank you." He nodded, gently taking Amy by the elbow. A low growl came from Sam and Collin, but Amy looked over her shoulder at them, shaking her head, "Don't you two." They ignored her, continuing their growling as Amy was escorted into the courthouse, the wolves following. Inside wasn't any different than when Amy was in the van. The only difference was that there were even more hunters, almost all of them giving Amy looks that could kill. The only one that gave her a look that was any different was Ricco, who stood at two large doors, wearing a suit and holding a brief case.

Amy gave him a perplexed look, stopping short and making her female escort huff, but she ignored her, simply questioning her older friend, "Ricco what are you doing?" The retired hunter gave her a worn and strained grin, "Besides being a hunter and a bar owner, I also have a degree in law. So when I called your friend Charlie, asking what the hell was going on with you and Dante I found out what had happened and decided I was going to represent you." Amy chuckled, biting her bottom lip and looking over her shoulder at Charlie, mouthing 'thank you' before looking at Ricco once more, "Well…thank you." He nodded, clearing his throat, "Of course kiddo. You ready?" Amy took a deep breath and nodded, steeling herself for anything that was in the courtroom.

Amy knew that her uncle was somewhat popular, and that she herself had some friends, but she didn't expect what she saw. One half of the courtroom was filled with strictly hunters, mainly her uncle and aunt's friends, the other half was filled with a mix of hunter and night world creatures. She could see Mitch sitting near the back, along with some regulars from the bar, and sitting right in the front pew directly behind the defense table was Dante. Amy froze, looking up at Ricco, "What is he doing here?" Ricco smiled slightly, setting a hand on the small of her back, "He's a witness dear. Now please, for your sake, stay silent, and only speak when spoken to." She nodded, looking over her shoulder at the mini-pack once, before turning back around and walking to the defense table, her head held high.

As she past the last pew on the right side, her aunt jumped to her feet, screaming at the top of her lungs, "YOU WHORE! YOU SLUT! HOW COULD YOU?! HOW?!" The entire courtroom broke out in shouting, and the judge had to hit his gavel against the pedestal several times, shouting out, "SILENCE, SILENCE IN MY COURTROOM!" Finally things settled down, and Amy slid into her seat, staring straight ahead. Once order was once again in place, the judge cleared his throat, "Case Trial number 1094 Amy Whitler against Society. How does the accused plead?" Ricco stood, smoothing his suit down, "Miss Whitler pleads self defense." The right side of the courtroom broke into boos, and the judge had to once again slam the gavel down, "Fine, let the trial begin." Amy didn't pay much attention, the pain medication she had taken before hand for her injuries making it difficult. But she could tell what the basics were. Ricco had Dante act as a witness, stating her moral character, and abuse from her guardians, while Zeya was a witness to the actual 'crime'. Persecution had Amy's aunt take the stand, swearing that they had treated Amy fairly, and that Cleo did nothing but love her cousin. A day later Amy herself took the stand.

Slowly she stood, wincing slightly as the muscles of her shoulder and neck stretched. She had decided to not take medication, wanting to be completely clear headed. As she made her way to the witness stand, she could feel the burning glare of every hunter, including her aunt. Surprisingly her uncle had not shown to the trial either of the two days. As she took the stand, she looked out into the sea of faces, some showing pity and concern, few giving affection, but most showing hate. After she was swore in, she tried to settle comfortably, resting her hands in her lap. Ricco approached her, looking official, "Miss Whitler, have you ever had thoughts to causing your cousin harm?" Amy shook her head, leaning into the mic, "No." Ricco nodded, slowly striding across the courtroom, "Then can you tell us what happened?" Amy nodded, taking a deep breath and clearing her throat, "Um…about a week from when I arrived in Vermont, I was out walking with a younger member of the Barbra de Luna pack, when my cousin came up to us, and pointed a gun at me. Once the gun was pointed, I put Zeya behind me, and told my cousin to put her gun down. Cleo refused. When I asked, she said she was there to kill me. As she advanced, I told Zeya to run, before…before trying to overpower my cousin. I was able to take two guns, which I thought at the time were the only guns on her. While having my cousin at gun point, I asked her calmly to leave. She didn't. It was at this time that she revealed that she had an accomplice, a member of the Barbra de Luna wolf pack, Gabriel. They revealed that the reason for their killing me, was to gain access to the trust fund that my father had left for me, a fact I had only found out then.

At this point Cleo had pulled out a third gun from her person, and held me at gun point, while I had one gun, aimed at her, the other aimed at Gabriel. I told them again to stop, but they did. Gabriel shifted and charged to attack me, while Cleo looked to be aiming her gun to a vital point. It was then, that instinct kicked in, and for the safety of my life, I…I pulled the triggers." Ricco nodded, stopping in front of Amy, "Thank you. Now can you tell us, what happened after that." Amy swallowed, once again trying to find a comfortable position, "After I stood there, in shock, where Gabriel's mate, also in on this, attacked me."

Ricco gave Amy a small smile before turning away from her, "And if other Barbra de Luna pack members had not intervene would you be with us today?" Amy licked her lips, shaking her head once more, "No, I would…be dead." Ricco nodded, rubbing his chin, "Can we see these wounds?" Amy sighed, slowly pulling the zipper of her sweat shit down, parting it and slowly starting to peel the bandages of her shoulder and neck, showing wounds were still raw, and would obviously leave scars. Many on the left side of the courtroom, made up of hunters and night world, looked pained, especially Dante. Ricco looked down at his feet for a moment before nodding to Amy, "Thank you. Now my last question, have your guardians or cousin ever show affection for you?" Amy shook her head, zipping up her sweatshirt, "No." Ricco nodded a last time, before looking up at the judge, "No further questions your honor."

The judge nodded, looking at the prosecution, "Your questions." But before the attorney could ask her questions, the large doors at the back of the courtroom where kicked in, Amy's uncle standing there, looking extremely drunk and enraged. In his hands were a bottle of vodka and a heavy duty glock. His fire gaze held only for Amy. His screams dripped utter and complete hate and insanity, "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU, AND NOT JUST FOR THE MONEY NOW!!" He lifted the gun, everyone too shocked to stop him, and fired three rounds, all aimed for Amy. But before any could reach her though, a certain figure leaped into the way, taking all three bullets. Amy jumped to her feet, screaming, "DANTE!"

Since Dante was a member of the living dead, and Amy's uncle was intoxicated, none of the bullets caused major damage, though for a moment Amy's heart stopped. It started again when Dante groaned in pain. At the back of the courtroom, several hunters regained their sense, tackling Amy's uncle and disarming him. Amy jumped over the witness stand, kneeling down next to Dante, setting her hand on his chest, her eyes questioning. He simply smiled, his eyes shining in affection.

Days passed before the trail ended, and when it did end it ended in favor of Amy. The incident was deemed self defense, and Amy was also allowed to move to Vermont, Charlie becoming her legal guardian. It was a victory for the pack, but bitter sweet to Amy and Dante. The two had slowly tried to repair their complicated relationship, accomplishing to a point, though there was something bother bothering Amy.

The night of the eve of her departure back to the snowy lands of Vermont, she visited Dante in his apartment, her hands stuffed into her pockets. She only had to wait a few minutes before Dante answered, only wearing a pair of black boxers, his chest once again chiseled, and smooth. Amy gulped, crossing her arms over her chest tightly, "Umm…good evening…" Dante chuckled, leaning against his doorframe, "Good evening my little one." A smile tugged on Amy's lips, "You know I was kinda beginning to miss that." Dante rolled his eyes, reaching across the ruffle Amy's hair, before cupping her cheek.

The touch was gentle and loving, and Amy leaned into it, closing her eyes, "I'm leaving tomorrow." Dante nodded, stepping out into the hallway despite his stage of dress. He put his other hand to hold her face in his hands, leaning down to brush his lips against hers, murmuring, "I know…but I was thinking, there's probably some good land up in Vermont that could be made into a nice bar. And a certain friend of ours showed me the tricks of the trade. I bet the pack would like a place to hang out…" Amy chuckled, leaning up to gently kiss Dante, "Dante…think before you do this."

Dante pulled back to look down at Amy, "What is there to think about? I love you and I want to be near you." Amy set her hands on top of his, looking up at him, "I know…and…and I love you too, but Dante, you're a vampire, and I'm planning on staying human. That means I'm going to age, while you're not. And as much as a cougar act sound great, I can't. I'm sorry."

Dante looked as if he could get sick, his eyes pleading, "Please tell me you're not telling me to end this." Amy sighed, shaking her head, "Not now…but some day we're going to have to. It's going to look odd when a sixty something old lady is on the arm of a young man who isn't her grandson." Dante chuckled sadly, kissing Amy once more like his life depended on it, "Give me six years then, to make up for the six months that I was to stupid to see how perfect you are for me." Amy shook her head, stepping out of his hands and wrapping her arms around him, resting her head on his shoulder, "I can give you three at the most."

Dante held onto Amy tight, burying his nose in her hair, "Fine, but I'm going to be up there nearly every day and I'm going to be protective as hell." Amy laughed sadly, kissing Dante's jaw, "I can agree to those demands." Dante rolled his eyes, pulling back to look at Amy, "Stay the night with me." Amy bit her bottom lip, nodding, "Yes." Dante gave her a deep kiss, his tongue probing hers, searching deep, before leading her into his apartment, a smile on both their lips.

The next morning Amy left early, giving Dante a gentle kiss and leaving the number of the main cabin, and something personal of hers that he could enjoy, before sneaking out, gently shutting the door even though Dante wouldn't wake until sunset. Outside of the apartment building Charlie was waiting for her with a taxi, a smile on his face. Amy gave him a melancholy smile in return. Charlie sighed, wrapping his arms around Amy, "You know he'll be up in Vermont within a week kiddo, you can wait till then right?" Amy shrugged, hugging Charlie back, "Yeah but I'm still going to miss him." Charlie nodded, kissing her forehead with fatherly affection, "I know…so you ready to go home?"

Amy looked up at Charlie, the realization hitting her. She was going home, to people who loved her, and would stay by her no matter what. To a future where her morals weren't orthodox. She nodded, smiling widely, "Yeah, I'm ready to go home."

This is it folks! My first finished story! I hope you like this! If you have a problem with how I ended it well I'm sorry, it's just how Amy is. FantasyVampire I hope this suites you well lol :P

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