The Myth Project

A top secret project which was involved with various organizations and nations in the world. It was the response to the appearance of alien lifeforms which were said to be gods in various religions and beliefs that existed for centuries. At the recent times, practice of cults and even religions was banned due to the new laws implemented by the international council. The new laws forbids of public practice of the said religions which many believed to be the reason of the appearance of these lifeforms however the claim was disproved by many experts and scientists.

Through the advancement of man's science new theories and practices were taken place. Even some inhumane procedures on science, law and even law enforcement were implemented. Morality has taken a huge blow on the implementation of the new laws as the old practices faded away. But nevertheless the ones in the government where slightly concerned but only focusing on the growth of wealth of their respective domains.

As the phenomenon and the incidents relating to the alien lifeforms Zunaki worsened. The international council was greatly troubled by the sightings as they began to trouble the normal citizens who were overcame by fear due to the recent chain of events. The alien lifeforms does not only trouble people, destroying properties but sometimes rumors of people being consumed by them. As the events turned worse, the international council orders a radical measure to deal with the problem. At first, the method was seen a success until the existence of newer lifeforms appeared.

Waves and waves of aliens decimated quarter of the population of the world. To make matters worse, they much stronger and powerful nearly most conventional weapons doesn't work on them. Nuclear and Thanbar weapons proved to be the most effective however proved to be impractical and disastrous. Where it does more harm than good to be used against their foes who already had came close to their doorsteps.

Running out of options, the international council launched numerous projects in order to counter the threat. The Myth project was one of them. To create a superhuman capable of wielding the power of the ancients, the so-called gods in most of the scriptures of the long banned religions. To wield the power of the gods and use it against them. A desperate and fruitless effort which any government or individuals are willing to make to create the perfect human to defend his race.

The perfect human beings, the idea of an ideal evolution which is forced on certain individuals. Could their shoulders be enough to carry the burden placed on them by their race?