Hero's Desire

Remote Facility in Slavia (Dunan Territory)

"If we men, the offspring of the gods are divided and declare war on ourselves? How much more them who had knowledge far from us? What do you think it is that kept man with his persistence?"

"Is it… dreams… ambitions?"

"Well… those were the few. But mostly man is driven by his intuition, his instinct. His instinct to satisfy himself of his desires, it is through these "desires" that man was able to know of things such as dreams and ambitions."

"Desire… dreams and ambitions…"

"Exactly, and because of that chaos is bred… Conflicts are born through indifference. Through these desires which cannot be satisfied due to certain conditions man himself brings to others. It is ironic in how we differentiate gods from us for we gained almost everything from them. It was proven by science and genetics human beings gains traits not only from their parents but on their ancestors as well."

"Which means…"

"The Myth project, if you are familiar with it… Is one of those attempts by man to fulfill his desire of power, to prove to his predecessors in belief that they existed that he is now equal to them. It is the same what we are doing in here… "

"What is myth project all about doc, I don't really understand what it was all about…"

"If you really want to know then see me after this session… There is a lot for me to discuss with you regarding some matters…"

-Replay Stopped

"Why did you stop there?" An agent asked.

"Because there was nothing in there but mere nonsense chit-chats." Another agent replied.

"So tell me Ariane, what could be the reason why this famed scientist could have gone missing?" The Agent asked.

Ariane replied to him and said, "Belkin Professor Reagan was one of the most controversial figures in this facility. This project itself was not known by the higher ups until this incident. It was proven that there were people that was supporting Reagan with this anomalous experiment and we are currently looking at them now."

"So why were we looking at these replays if they are not even connected with the issue at all..." Belkin replied.

"The recent replay was a session of counseling done by Professor Reagan to his A class Rogue experiment. It was believed that the said individual was a failure to the Myth project. Professor Reagan who was never been part of the said project created his own project here which was supported by various individuals. I do not think that the Professor had any interest with the other test subjects other than this one... It seems like he is conducting more of a brainwashing session instead of what he is intend of doing here." Ariane explained.

As the agents inside continued to converse about the investigation an agent knocked on the door and barged in informing them of the recent developments. The agents were surprised as they heard of Professor Reagan killed and his body found somewhere in the outskirts of the facility. Most of the agents left leaving Belkin and Ariane inside.

"What on earth could have happened here?" Belkin asked.

"Who knows..." Ariane replied.

Two days Earlier

"They intend to defy the will of the gods and obtain their power through science... Stupid!" Professor Reagan laughed as he starts the conversation boldly in front of Valen.

"Sir, aren't we being surveyed here? Would it not be wise for them not to know of our conversations here?" Valen asked him.

"Let them hear, let them see what they want, I don't care I am done with this job. Humanity is done for with its stupidity!!!" The professor pouted.

"What do you mean?" Valen asked.

"It is obvious that we are facing a greater crisis nowadays but the measure our governments our taking. Is like, its very stupid! I know you might be surprised of me speaking these things in front of you but I am really displeased of what I am seeing the last 5 years I spent in this goddamn world."

"It doesn't really matter to me... Actually, if you ask me..."

"No one is asking for your opinion lad just let me continue to speak!" The professor interfered and then continued.

"If it were me to think, if I were to fight an opponent which should we take which should we adopt? Why should we adopt their form for it should only prove the impossibility. Instead why don't we try to adapt to our environment to our advantage. I do not think it is not something very difficult as forcing humans to be something. It is wasteful and very undignified..."

Valen was surprised in seeing the Professor in his current state during the recent counsel session with him. He tried to confront and comfort the Professor but the professor interfered and continued with his statement.

"In... In order for man to survive this challenge what should he do? Blend in! Use the terrain to his advantage, a basic instinct that helped us through the course of our history and our evolution but these people do not get it. If we are just to get the power of the said gods then why not just obtain the very property and the very nature of the universe itself? That way we are indestructible? All of these waste and all of these failures, I HAD ENOUGH OF THEM!!!" The professor shouted as he ended his statement.

The security knocked on the door of the room and opened to check if the Professor was doing fine. The Professor left after and was not seen inside the facility through the day. He was interrogated with the things that he said to Valen and was reported to be influenced with alcohol that time. Not much was heard of the professor of that day.

After the counseling session Valen felt a little bit uneasy with the professor's ranting. He slightly understood the Professor's sentiments and is a little bit sympathetic about it. However he did not put much matters into it thinking that the incident may have just been provoked by the Professor's personal problems. As he walks heading into his quarters he notices the wind that is blowing to his face, the balcony at his left side that offered a great scenery at the ocean from afar. Valen decided to take a look for awhile and reflects on himself.

"Will I become something someday... Someone that I could be proud of... When could it be?" He asked himself looking at his surroundings.

"As of now, I am a captive. I can't do a thing but to follow anything as everyone say in the belief that it may grant me freedom someday but..." Valen suddenly fell on his knees in grief and continued.

"Until when shall things continue as they are? What is the price of freedom? How much shall I pay for it?"