heavenly shapes, have i lost my mind?
the figures dance hazily over the walls,
the floor, the couch.

on the floor, i'm comfortable,
forgetful. such images, i want to touch them.

slowly i'm falling from the figures,
without moving at all,
the sensation tingles through my being.

am i falling, or have i stopped after all?
heaven is leaving, come back love, come back.
it listens little, as the hazy shapes still float

through my brain, through veins
how'd i get on the floor?
i was just there, in his arms,

he's laughing at me, i'm laughing too
for many a reason i'm sure.
i felt me thud to the bottom of

the fall, the tingling replaced by
a terrible taste in my mouth,
salt, and dirt, and more salt.

one last giggle before i fade to black,
one last image, one last breath.
exciting, i can't wait for more.