I glanced up at Aunt Misa over my laptop screen, my blue eyes meeting her own. Misa was quite pretty with her long blond hair and bright blue eyes. But, she was by no means gorgeous.

"Now, I know you just moved in, Westy, but why don't you go somewhere? Like, out to town or something. It's weird seeing you cooped up," she said, crawling onto my bed, dangling the car keys in front of me.

I laughed. "Misa, there's paint on there." Since Misa was an artist, she always had paint stuck to random places, including on herself. I'm not sure if all painters were like that, but Misa's the only one I know.

She shrugged her shoulders. "So? It's just paint. How 'bout it? Take the car?"

I sighed, shaking my head. "I don't know, Misa. I'm tired. Vermont to California in one day?"

Rolling her eyes, she grabbed my laptop, shut it, and put the keys in my lap, all while running out the door.

Laughing, I pulled on a sweatshirt – it was unreasonably cold today – and headed out the door to a coffee shop I saw when Lance drove me here.

"Like, ohmigawd! Jake was, like, sooooo inviting me to the party tonight! Hopefully that bitch Arianna won't be around him. Or Sean," a typical valley girl squealed to her friends at the sticky Starbucks table. Apparently, her name was Torie. They all looked like they were dipped in Doritos, had their teeth bleached along with their hair, and the sickly sweet light pink lipstick. Deciding to torture them, I slid up a chair to their table with my coffee, and just looked at them.

"Like, what are you doing here?" the same girl asked, turning her fake nose towards me.

I rolled my eyes. "Torie, right?" She nodded. I put on a fake smile. "What look are you trying to go for?"

"It's, like, none of your business," she replied in her nasally voice.

"Okaaaay, well, that look? It ain't workin' for ya. No…in fact, you look like a prima donna whore who's been dipped in Doritos," I said happily, then walked out to their gasps. I didn't hold back a laugh.

"Torie, I told you that your spray tan wasn't working for you!" one of her minions said rather loudly.

"Oh, shut up, Lanie," she hissed, her voice fading as I neared the car.

As annoying as flyers were, one was stuck under the windshield wiper, its neon orange color forcing you to look at it.

Last Day of Summer Party at 847 Parkington Way. 9-whenever. Be there. Most kick-ass party ever. Bring whatever and whoever.

The flyer itself was lame, but I had always liked a good party. I guess I knew what I was doing tonight, I thought as I climbed into the car, forgetting about my hot coffee inside.

I checked my appearance again before I actually left my room, making sure that everything was in tip-top shape. I didn't want to go to the first party I've ever been to and look like a hooker. Doubt it, though. Eh; you could never be too careful these days.

"Westyn? Where are you going?" Misa called up the stairs, her voice coming for the kitchen.

"A party. Don't worry; I won't be gone too long!" I answered, starting to head down the stairs.

When she saw me, she tossed me the paint-splattered keys, and winked. I smiled, grateful that Dearest Mother shipped me off to live with Aunt Misa.

The bright California sun warmed my sun-browned skin as I slid into the crinkly leather seats. The car itself wasn't in that good of condition, but Misa had had it since her college years. It was an old yellow VW Bug, with the peeling paint and all. People don't judge a person by their car, right? Pshhh.

Jake Frost's eyes lazily scanned the heavily packed living room for anyone who was new to this part of town. He would definitely give her a warm welcome. And not in the good neighbor type of way. It was more like the 'oh, let me get you smashed/seduce you so that I can sleep with you' welcome. Only, he didn't need to get the girl drunk to get her to sleep with him. He could just give the poor girl a smile, and she would be mush, he mused.

It was then that his eyes stopped on her. She was just lounging against the wall, nursing her drink, not having a care in the world that she was the only one without a date. She seemed completely at ease.

He took this moment to let his eyes rake over her body, enjoying his view. She had an athlete's build; it looked like she was a cheerleader. She met all of the criteria. She was wearing those short jean shorts they have in Hollister or Abercrombie, and a pale yellow shirt that said, 'You're as confused as a baby in a topless bar.' Jake had to chuckle at that.

His eyes travelled up to her face, then almost bugged. She could definitely give Arianna Hemmingway a run for the most fuckable girl in school. And that's a compliment. She had pale blue eyes that were almost a light gray, smooth olive skin, and a coy smile that could win a guy over in a heartbeat. Her dirty blond hair was naturally tousled, with long bangs sweeping over her right eye.

At that moment, she turned her head towards him, smirking, amused that she caught him observing. He grinned lazily back, not even caring that she caught him. Usually, girls melted into putty after he gave that smile. Only, she was different. She just rolled her eyes, and pushed herself off of the wall, abandoning her drink.

His eyebrows shot up, intrigued that she'd resisted his charm. It was kind of refreshing, actually. Maybe now his senior year would be interesting…

I groaned, trying to open my eyes through all of the crud, or 'sand'. I felt my body stretch like a cat, then bumping into bare skin. Of course, my eyes chose that time to fly open, which in turn sent my body up with my hands gripping the Star Wars sheets. Shit, shit, shit, shit. The person moaned, obviously waking up. My head turned, trying to see if it was the playboy that I saw last night. Nope. In fact, he was staring.

"What are you looking at?" I asked stupidly, flustered that I actually woke up with a guy in bed.

"Who the hell are you? And why are you in my room?" he asked, his voice raspy with sleep.

I rolled my eyes and laughed bitterly. "Obviously, you led me up here, not me. I'm brand new. I have no idea who the hell you are. Oh, and, nice Star Wars sheets."

His eyes widened fractionally, remembering from the night before. I had actually remembered every little detail, but I hadn't caught his name. All I do know is that he's fucking amazing in bed.

"You're that girl Jake told me to hook up with. I'm Sean." He looked at me expectantly, waiting for my name.

"It's none of your business," I said as I climbed out of the comfy bed, plucking my clothes from the tidy floor. I slipped them on and glanced at his stunned form. "Listen, Sean, I have no interest in you. Or your friend. I'm not going to squeal like a little girl because I slept with a really hot guy. I don't care if you're the playboy in school. I really could care less," I said, then left his room before he could answer. One thing I'm always good at is ending conversations. Thank God.

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