Okay, I hate to be doing this, but I think I'm going to take down Kicking Around the Field for some editing purposes. It's been since May when I last updated, and I have absolutely no motivation to get this done.

I've been reading other stories that are on FP that have reached into the 700s-1000s, and I can't help but think, I want to be like them. I need to refine my writing style before I continue with this story, and I need to make it move along at a quicker pace. When I was re-reading it, I was getting bored, and I'm the writer!

KAF will be back up shortly, but not before some serious editing and a re-inspiration on my muse. I will not completely remove this story, leaving the first and second chapter up. Everything else will be gone. With everything being so busy, it's been hard to update. There have been some drastic changes in my life lately, which again have led up to the not updating. I'm sorry if I'm just pouring out the excuses, but it's the truth.

I have also decided that before any other full-length story that I put up, it will be completed, and I will have an update day. This way, no one's waiting for updates with obscenely long intermissions, if that makes any sense.

Again, this story is going to go through a huge re-working of the plot line and characters. Some of it will be the same, some will not. Names might not even be the same. I feel like I have to make my characters more likeable and more like me. I'm sorry if this disappoints anyone, but I have to do this for myself. I will not disappear from the FP website; I will still be posting some other things, like little contest entries and one shots. My overall goal is to get my works recognized on Some Kind of Wonderful and A Drop of Romeo. I want to be in the big leagues.

I thank all of my faithful reviewers and readers for sticking with me & this drawn out story. I love you all. I promise when this comes back, it will be a million times better. I just need to get some things situated.

*in the Godfather voice* I'LL BE BACK.

~reeza leigh.