NOTE!!! This book is finished. So is book 2. I will post according to reviews.


BOOK 1/3

PREFACE: Life is Short

I woke with his arms around me. I felt safe and warm inside, which I had not felt since her death over a year ago. I wasn't sure what had happened last night, not really, but I knew I liked it. I wanted it to happen more often. I turned my head enough that I could look at his face and the content expression there. I had spent the night with him millions of times before, and sometimes even shared the same bed when his room was too much of a mess for me to sleep on the floor, but never had I been able to relax against him. I'd always been afraid he'd wake up and growl at me.

Now I snuggled into him and tried to let go of the dread and doubt that threatened to consume me. He had been understanding last night...right? I couldn't really remember because I had been drunk--I'd gotten into his dad's stash of alcohol in the refrigerator without him knowing.

But I was sure this was okay. At least, I hope so.

I tried to just live in the moment. I had been living in the past too much lately, and if it hadn't been for him...I wasn't sure what I would have done, to be honest. I couldn't seem to let go of the past and it had been eating away at me, more and more each day, especially when I wasn't with him. Life was too short to just let it slip by, he'd told me, so I needed to get my head on straight and keep moving forward with my life because that's what she would have wanted...what my brother would have wanted, too....

I had to believe him. He had been there for me all this time, and if he hadn't been there...well. I didn't want to think about it. He was my rock--my safe place.

My playground.

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