On a snow - filled, winter's night, a 10 year old girl was lying unconscious, on the cold steps of the Hikaru residence. An elderly couple, Mr. and Mrs. Hikaru, discovered the child as they were walking home from a long day of work at their family resturaunt. As they slowly walked on the steps to the door, Mrs. Hikaru stopped at the sight of the unconscious girl.

"Goro?!" she called for her husband who was right behind her. "Why is there a child on our doorstep?!" she cried.

Mr Hikaru gently pushed his wife aside and knelt down beside the girl; he checked her pulse.

"She's barely breathing, Emi!" he gasped.

"Let's get her inside! she must be freezing to death!" Mrs. Hikaru yelled.

Mr. Hikaru immediately carried the girl inside of their home with his wife following after. Little did Mr. and Mrs. Hikaru know, that the young girl had a long story behind her; but who would be able to tell it if the young girl had unfortunately lost her memory?

5 years later..

"Yuki! Yuki!" Mrs. Hikaru cried as she chased after a giggling, 15 year old girl with long black hair that flowed behind her as she ran.

"That's Hikaru Yuki. The addition to the Hikaru family. She was found on the doorsteps of the Hikaru residence 5 years ago.. barely alive! She's running frantic again though.." an observer whispered to another.

People mingled with eachother as they watched Yuki happily run around the shopping center of the small country. It's true. The young girl who had been found on the doorsteps of Mr. and Mrs. Hikaru's home ended up staying with them. When she had regained conscious that night, she had forgotten everything about herself. For weeks, they tried searching for her family, but were completely unsuccessful. The elderly couple decided to adopt her and raise her as their daughter since they were unable to have kids of their own. Yuki, was the name they had given her, since the night they had found her was filled with snow ('Yuki' means snow in japanese).

Besides the fact that she had constant panick attacks, Yuki grew up to be a strong and energetic girl. Mr. and Mrs. Hikaru were glad to be in her presence and not once, did they regret their decision of calling her their 'daughter'. To add to the load, Yuki was rather attractive. Her long, black hair flowed with her movement, her golden - brown eyes were more dazzling than Jewels, her rosy cheeks stood out upon her light, pale skin, and her red lips were the shade of blood itself. She was admired for her beauty and her personality. When she smiled, people who witnessed it, found the feeling of serenity.

On this particular day, Yuki was running back to the Hikaru family's resturaunt with Mrs. Hikaru chasing behind her. Yuki was overly excited because it was Mr. Hikaru's 50th birthday and she could not wait to celebrate.

"Where's papa?!" Yuki shouted as she entered the family resturaunt.

"He's back at the house. He took an early day off." The waitress told Yuki.

"Geez." Yuki pouted.

Mrs. Hikari came panting through the entrance. "Yuki! you shouldn't run so fast!" she told her. Yuki smiled.

"Sorry Momma!"

After a few drinks of water Yuki and Mrs. Hikaru walked back to their house. The atmosphere seemed kind of off. At this point it was dark outside, but the lights in the house were not on. Yuki and Mrs. Hikaru looked at eachother.

"Well, that's odd." Mrs. Hikaru chuckled as she turned the knob to the door.

"Emi! Yuki! Don't come in here!" they heard Mr. Hikaru shout. They heard him yell with pain and then a thud. Mrs. Hikaru and Yuki stared into eachother's eyes with fear. What was that?! they thought. Without another thought, they opened the door to see what had happened. The lights turned on and they saw a horrific sight.

On their blue antique carpet, they saw the 50 year old man lying there motionless surrounded in a puddle of blood. Their hearts skipped a beat.

"Goro?!.. Goro?!" Yuki's mother shouted hysterically. There was no reply.

Yuki felt her panick attack beginnning. Her breathing became irregular; she clutched her shirt and tightly closed her eyes. Suddenly, two men grabbed Yuki and her foster mother.

"Yuki!" her mother yelled, fear in her voice.

"Momma!" Yuki yelled back.

The two men wore black masks. The only thing Yuki could see were their eyes. Their green, vivid eyes.

"What are you doing?!" Yuki yelled, struggling with the man who held her.

"look, all we want is your money. So, if you don't want us to hurt you like we hurt that old man over there, then shut up." the man told her.

Yuki turned around and saw her foster mother's scared expression. She turned back to the man holding her captive and nodded her head.

"That's a good girl." he chuckled. "hey, daiki! this one's not bad looking." he said as he grabbed Yuki's face.

"Daichi, you idiot. don't even think about it." the one called Daiki told him as he held Mrs. Hikaru back.

"but look at her!" he told him as he turned Yuki's face towards the other man.

"you're right.." he stared. "she's pretty. Now, let's get out of here before Gorou shows up." He turned and looked out the window. "You know how he gets when he finds us robbing people. He'll kill us. Besides, ever since he lost 'that girl' he turned into such a scary person. So, if he finds us.. I guarentee you, we won't live." he told him.

"I know.. alright, fine. lets go." the one called Daichi sighed.

He pushed Yuki to a corner and as he picked up the things he had stolen, he saw Mrs. Hikaru reaching for the phone. He pulled her back and stabbed her infront of Yuki.

"Momma!" Yuki shrieked.

"Y-yuki.." Mrs. Hikaru said as she fell to the floor.

Yuki looked at Mrs. Hikaru and then at Mr. Hikaru's body.

"m-momma.. p-pappa.." she whispered and began gasping for air.

She was having another panick attack. She gasped frantically in the air and clutched onto her shirt once more. The two robbers stared at her.

"what's going on? what did you do to the girl?!" the one called Daiki yelled.

"Nothing.. I didn't do anything to this one." he said calmly, as he pointed at Yuki.

They watched her as her panick attack was taking over. Suddenly a boy with black, spiky hair, wearing a red motorcycle jacket, and black denim jeans came running in. He pulled out a long shot gun and pointed it at Daichi and Daiki.

"Get out." he told the two, looking them in the eyes.

"woah! it's Gorou! what are you doing here, man?" Daichi asked, chuckling quite nervously.

"I said get out!" the one called Gorou shouted angrily.

Daiki pulled Daichi and they ran. The mysterious boy knelt down towards Yuki and hugged her in his arms. Her mind went blank. She had fainted.

"I finally found you." He whispered, holding her tightly in his arms.

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