Daichi and Daiki grabbed their own motorcylces and followed behind Gorou's. They were all going to search together now.


The twins, Daichi and Daiki, were involved with kidnapping Yuki when she was 10. Now that she remembers what had happened, and with the twins now accompanying the two, Yuki and Gorou intend to search for the men who tried to kill her. They are the people who might be holding her real parents captive.

"We've been driving around for hours.. where exactly do we plan on going?" Yuki complained.

"I say we should start at the base.. see if you remember anything." Daichi said.

"Why do you still call it 'the base' if your secret organization no longer exists?" Gorou asked.

"Uh.. ha ha. Just used to it, that's all." Daichi chuckled nervously.

"okay. go there." Gorou said.

"where?" Yuki asked.

"we're going to Tokyo. The place where we were kept in 5 years ago is in Tokyo.

"Tokyo? Thats far though! It'll take days to get there!" Yuki shouted.

"I know, bear with it." he told her as he began to speed up.

Days passed by, and they finally made it to Tokyo. When they arrived at the 'base', they saw men together within a group laughing and talking. The twins led the way to get by them.

"This means my parents are here, right?" Yuki asked.

"I dont know.. it doesn't really mean anything.." Gorou told her.

"no. it does mean something. If people are here, that means theres a different organization here." Daiki told them.

They crept to the cabin that had held Yuki and Gorou that day. They peeked inside, and were surprised to see Yuki's parents!

"Well.. that was fast." Gorou said. "Things are really turning out well. I mean we found the two idiot twins fast, and now your parents. aren't you glad, Izumi?" Gorou asked Yuki. Suddenly Yuki began to have a panick attack. Memories began overflowing.

"Izumi?!" Gorou shouted as Yuki gasped for air.

"Daichi.. Daiki! Go get.." Gorou turned around to see that the twins were gone. "what the?" he muttered and immediately tried to calm Yuki.

"Breath in, and out slowly." he told her.

His voice soothed her, and she listened as the visual intake of her memories played just like a movie in her mind. She was remembering everything. Her childhood with her parents and Gorou, and most importantly, what really happened that night.

"That's right.. they were smiling.." Yuki whispered as her panick attack ended.

"What?" Gorou asked.

"They were smiling when they took me away." she told him.

"Who?" he asked.

"The twins.. we have to get my parents and get out of here.. quick!" She yelled.

"Wait! Izumi.. what's going on?" he asked, as she frantically began moving.

"They're the ones responsible for all of this! The twins!" she yelled.

"what?!" Gorou yelled. Suddenly they were surrounded.

"That's right. So you've finally remembered everything? Izumi." The twins came back smiling. They held knives at Yuki's parents' throats.

"I-Izumi?!" Yuki's real parent's shouted.

"mother? father?" she cried.

"You remember everything?" Gorou asked her, astonished that she called her real parents 'mother and father' without feeling awckward.

"I remember everything." she said aloud.

"You two are the leaders of the organization." she said.

"what?! Are you guys asking for death?! you tricked me!" Gorou shouted.

"Just shut up already Gorou.. all these times we only pretended to be afraid of you so we could lead your suspicions away from us. We knew you would eventually find that girl. Especially with your one sided love and all." The twins chuckled.

Yuki's parents' eyes widened and stared at Gorou. Gorou blushed and became angry. Yuki looked at Gorou.

"one sided love?" she asked.

"S-shut up!" he yelled and pulled out his shotgun.

"Let them go." Gorou told the smiling twins.

"Or what?" they smirked.

"Or i'll kill you." he yelled.

"Oh believe us, we can do the same." they chuckled as men in black suits came closer to Gorou and Yuki.

"What do you want?!" Gorou shouted at the twins.

"We want.." they started.

"they want me dead, and my parents' wealth." Yuki interrupted. "The day that you guys were fighting for me, they walked me out to the back and shot me three times. I guess they thought I was dead. But I crawled my way to a truck and climbed inside. It was nearby my foster parent's house that I fell out of the truck and crawled onto their doorsteps." Yuki explained.

"What?!" everyone (except for the twins) screamed.

"Why would you want to kill Izumi?" Yuki's parents asked.

"Simple. We hate her." they answered.

"why?" they asked.

"eversince we were little we watched your wealth become bigger and bigger while we had to live in poverty.. we became money hungry. This girl, who had it all showed no emotion. No fear, no happiness, nothing. When we kidnapped her that day, she wouldn't even yell for help. We hate people who don't care for their lives. We weren't satisfied with the person she was." they told them.

"Thats all? Idiots.. look at her. She's a different person now. Because of you two, she grew up to be a person with what you listed just now. She showed all of these emotions. Fear from when you both attacked her foster parents. Happiness with her foster parents, I saw it. She has these emotions now, why kill her?" Gorou asked.

The twins looked at eachother, "Okay... you make a point. But we still want some cash." they said as they loosened their grips on Yuki's parents.

"wow.. they're still the same even when they said they 'acted' like this just to 'trick' you.." Yuki whispered to Gorou who laughed.

"We'll give you half of our wealth.. in thanks for bringing Izumi back to us.." Yuki's parents told them.

The twins looked at eachother. "deal." they said and finally let the parents and daughter reunite.

Gorou walked up to the twins.

"So you both were leaders of this 'secret organization' at the age of 11? is that even possible?" he asked.

"If you understood our capabilities, anything is possible, cousin." they smirked.

"wow.. okay. I still don't get the point of all of this." he rolled his eyes.

"All for the money." the twins said blankly.

"How can I be related to you two?" he glared at them.

"I know right? you're so lucky." they told him. "Anyway, now that we've got our long awaited wealth, you can go be lovey-dovey with her now. We've known the first time we saw you with her, that you loved her.." they encouraged him.

Gorou stared at his two cousins. They're evil.. but they're encouraging me? Then again, they didn't start their cyncial deeds until after I met Izumi.. weird.. Gorou thought.

"Gorou!" Yuki and her parents smiled at him and gestured him towards them. He walked over to them.

"So.. you love our Izumi, huh?" they nudged him.

"Yeah...I've always loved her.." he admitted, blushing.

Yuki smiled at him.

"Gorou.. now that I've remembered my past.. I want you to know that I've always loved you too." she blushed.

His eyes widened.


"Really. Although I never showed emotion, it didn't mean I couldn't feel it. I loved you and I still do.." she smiled.

They hugged.

"yay! Now you can finally be together with our Izumi!" Yuki's parents cheered.

"Ah.. mother.. father.. I hope you guys can call me Yuki from now on.. Eversince that day, I've become a new person. 'Yuki'." she told them.

"I like it!" they told her and hugged once again.

The twins watched them happily from the distance.

"Hey Daichi, do you think our beloved cousin will ever find out the real reason we did all of this?" Daiki whispered.

"Doubt it.. we sacrficed 5 years of his friendship, trust, and closeness with us just because we wanted to change how that girl was, so that she could be perfect for him.." Daichi whispered back.

"Yeah. Luckily, she didn't die from losing so much blood.. I mean shooting her wasn't part of the plan. Good thing we called that truck to drop her off at that elderly couple's house." Daiki laughed.

"Yeah. Gorou really is lucky to have us." they laughed. "too bad he doesn't know it." They stared at him.

Gorou, Yuki, and Yuki's parents walked happily home as the twins observed.

"At least they're all happy now." Daiki said.

"Yeah, finally. All that planning and acting was worth it." Daichi chuckled.


Hi! I'm imaginexeuphoria! This is the final chapter of Memory lane. I really did rush it a little.. but I felt that everything fell into place pretty well. My stories aren't ever planned out. I basically write it all out on a whim, so i'm sorry if it's not to your liking. I hope you enjoyed reading this though! Thank you, and I guarantee you that I'll be writing more stories soon! ^0^