Angel Corpse

Bite back those tears.
Death, destroys what's left of me.

Plunge your knife into my chest,
watch it force its way in;
Nothing hurts anymore.

Death in and of me.
my soul stills.

Kisses bite.
Death, destroys what is left of me.

This is my eternity.
My body is slashed,
and lain open to rest.
I am truly blessed.

You can throw me down,
kick me in the teeth, brutalize me,
but I will burn these bridges down;
bring you with me to the grave.

I am the Angel of Vengeance,
arisen from the blood of innocents.
Destiny calls, and I must heed her voice.

The Ultimate Duality:
a Destroyer of the Distorted,
but a Healer of the Haunted.

I am the Angel of Vengeance.