I never knew love could be so good

I never knew how amazing it felt to love with all your heart

Without fear of being hurt

Without wondering if they really felt the same

I felt so beautiful

So free

So happy

One glance at him I could feel my heart speed up

I couldn't help but smile

I never knew a kiss could be so powerful

Like a lightning bolt

I never knew holding hands could be so intimate

I gave me chills

It drove me crazy when you would brush by me when you walked by

Almost like one person

It seemed painful not to be with you for one moment

I never knew how much one heart could ache

Until I met you

Until you made me fall for you utterly and completely

You turned my world upside-down

I had finally been brave enough to give my heart to someone

And then you broke it

At first I was in denial

I kept justifying what you did

But there was no excuse

You might have loved me at some point

But not now

I didn't know what to do

I was angry

I was sad

I never realized a broken heart could cause real physical pain

Until you….

And yes I cried

Yes, I cursed you

Yes, I dreamt about you changing your mind

But in the end there was only one thing to do

I needed let you go

I would never be able to forget you

Not in a million years

But I could forgive you

I still love you

But its just different now

I cant really explain it

But its like a part of my heart will always belong to you

The rest will heal

And someday I'll be able to think about you with no sadness

I'll be able to think of the times we had and cherish the memories

I wont have to push thoughts of you out of my mind

But I be the same

I never knew that love could change a person forever

But it does

For the better I think

Because even though it hurt more than anything

Somehow it was worth it

I never knew how much love was worth

Until I met you…………