I don't hate people. They assume I do, however, due to my dislike of talking. Honestly though, can you blame me?

I don't hate people; I hate idiots. They don't stop talking, they won't shut up, and it's infuriating to listen to them blabber on as I try to catch up on my much needed sleep!

No, I do not care for who dated who.

No, I do not care about your lack of pencil/pen/paper/life.

No, I do not care about your feelings.

No, I do not care about your family.

No, I do not care about you!

I was always taught that you should treat others how you want to be treated yourself. Why, then? Why won't anybody stop talking to me?

I treat them with respect and silence by staying away from them. Can they not do the same thing!?

My head dropped onto my desk with a dull 'thud'. The teacher in the front of the room glanced lazily towards me, uncaring.

See? That's how I want to be treated.

"Hey, you okay? I hear that if you…"

I hate drowning people out. It takes too much effort.

And, no. I am not okay.

Go away.


The beetle crawled slowly along the long, green leaf. This particular leaf had two holes in it and faded into a disgusting brown at the tip. The beetle itself was probably about 2 centimeters long.

Why am I looking at a beetle. I hate the things. Why am I spending such a long time looking at a beetle?

Honestly, it's the weekend! I should be out doing stuff!

Nope. I'm here. Looking at a beetle.

I've been in this little square of earth for 3 hours now, looking at a beetle. Every now and then I would see a butterfly pass by. Maybe a few birds as well.

But for the most of it, I've been watching this beetle.

The clouds were particularly boring today as well. I took a break from my beetle friend to stare at clouds, y'know. Just for a few minutes. I tried to make out shapes; I tried pretty hard to do this tiny task.

Honestly. Why did the clouds have to be so…un-shaped today!? There was one shape. Only one shape.


Square clouds? Honestly? Why?

I hate squares. So, I turned back to watch my beetle only to see it gone.

'Great.' I thought. 'Now I have absolutely nothing to do'.

Luckily for me, the beetle wasn't very far from that area. 5 inches maximum is my guess.

…I hate beetles.


Lollipops filled my vision. I saw every color of the rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet; all of the colors were there.

I love candy. I love candy quite a lot. However, I have a problem.

A very, very big problem.

I was just at the dentist, you see…

…you can probably guess where this is going.

So yes, I cannot eat for an hour or so and I am banned from eating candy for the next 2 days. It kind of really sucks, but I am grateful that it is not Halloween soon.

I looked at the large variety of sweets and colors. It's fascinating being in a candy store. I love it.

I want to own one when I grow up. Maybe work at one if I cannot afford one of my own.

Also, a thing I forgot to mention. You may wonder why I don't just buy a bag or 4 of candy and wait until I can eat it again.

I also forgot to mention that I have another problem.

I have no money.

Life sucks sometimes.


Being alone can do wonders to a person's mind. The loneliness itself was not a problem; of course it wasn't. It was the silence. It was the chance given to one's mind to think of everything and anything due to the lack of noise and bother.

I could continue all day with this. However, it would take too much of my precious, precious time.

Where am I at the moment? Well, I am currently on the 5th floor of this building.

Which building?

My, my, the questions are endless now.

There is a ledge in front of me, though it isn't very tall. I can only assume it's purpose is to keep little children from falling to their deaths. What about adults though?

I easily climbed to the top of it, staring down at the ground below me. Nobody was there; they were most likely eating lunch on the other side of the building. The concrete below seemed to be endless, filling most of my vision. To the left, however, I could see the faint image of a stairway. What a wonderful thing it was, bringing me up to this floor. I do not mind it being in my visions. It was kind to me.

I teetered on the edge- back and forth and back and forth and forth and forth and forth—

And back.

The ground seemed so welcoming from this height. I swear, it is practically begging me to go hug it. Oh the choices I have.

Run down towards it and risk being denied the attention I wish from it?

Or take the leap of faith right now and accept its love wholeheartedly?

I think the latter is the best choice. It loves me, you know. The concrete pavement below, I mean.

It loves me.

Unlike the people here… and everywhere else for that matter. Nobody would care if I accepted this love with open arms. Nothing in the world would change, nobody would care, nobody cares, and it doesn't matter, right.

At least the concrete loves me-


The ringing of the school bell brought me out of my trance. Not that I was really in one. I knew what I was doing, so I take that back. It did not bring me out of a trance. I knew what I was doing.

The sound of footsteps going up the stairs warned me of the approaching people. Of course; footsteps come from people. Right…

I simply turned around and leapt off the ledge and back onto the ground of the 5th floor. My next class is on this floor, you know. Right behind me, actually.

I grabbed my bag and walked inside.

Another normal day, of course, of course.

How boring.